Human Resources Coaching

By: Let's-Live Coaching  01-28-2014
Keywords: Personnel Recruitment, Human Resource Management

Let's Live offers tailored HR Coaching and mentoring programs to suit individual needs as well as the organizational goals and mission. The coaching programs we offer are suitable for all the members in your HR department, starting from interns, junior HR managers to senior managers, and HR directors.

Keywords: Human Resource Management, Personnel Recruitment

Other products and services from Let's-Live Coaching


Become a Certified Business Coach

Our business coaching courses help you gain the skills and the perceptiveness to identify the deep seated vulnerabilities in your clients and offer effective solutions to address them. When you become a business coach, you are committing yourself to engaging at a deeply personal level with your client, helping him/ her attain clarity regarding business goals and supporting his/ her efforts in formulating a game plan to achieve those goals


Become a Certified Life Coach

A Life Coach is often the stepping stone, leading an individual to glorious success. Get your Life Coaching Certification and training and you too can transform the lives of so many deserving individuals, helping them attain personal/ professional/ emotional and spiritual goals so that their existence gains new meaning.


Life Coaching Courses

Become a life coach to day by enrolling in any of these coaching certification and training courses and you can give innumerable individuals a new lease of life. Fulfil your urge to make a positive difference and you also add impetus to your own drive and zeal for living life to the fullest.


Personal Coaching

Your personal coach will help you clarify your goals and vision, help you demolish your fears, make you more focused, help you confront unconscious behaviors and patterns; show you how to live life on your terms and a lot more. We offer career coaching, relationship coaching, family coaching, lifestyle and health coaching, spiritual coaching and legacy coaching.


Self-discovery Courses

Why build castles in the air when you can prepare your mind, body and spirit to achieve the dreams you have nurtured for a long time? We have developed two Self Discovery courses to support you in your endeavor - the Self Discovery Master 1 and the Self Discovery Master 2 course


Motivational Speaking Programs

Let’s Live coaching offers high content keynote & conference speaker to transform to businesses. Our services include: , Motivational speakers for conventions/ training sessions , Inspirational speakers for year-end events , Teambuilding activities and sessions , Groups of 10 to 10,000 individuals


Sales Coaching

Focusing only on modern techniques and methods to making a sale, we ensure that each session gives you invaluable information and practical knowledge on making your business a marketing success. We provide excellent in-house training and offer customized training and coaching packages. For more information on our customized sales coaching solutions, get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Contact us today at +27-12-665-2684 or send us an email at [email protected]


Management Coaching

Let's Live management coaching programs also train managers to become immaculate communicators who send out the right message, at the right time and in the right context, so that people always comprehend what they are saying.


Career Coaching

Let's Live career coaching programs cater to professional individuals who wish to re-evaluate their career choice and discover what they really want to do. Our career coaches can also help you take a second look at your current job and figure out a way to make it more enjoyable and interesting.


Executive Coaching

Contact Let's Live Coaching and register for our personal one to one coaching or group coaching for Executives today, whether it is to sharpen your focus, to work on your leadership and personal branding skills, or to get a sense of direction and purpose in your professional life.