Stumbling blocks in records Management

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By: LeMark Training and Development (Pty) Ltd  05-30-2011
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Stumbling blocks in records management Isabel Schellnack-Kelly (BA (HONS), MA, ND: Archival Science) Records Management Consultant and Facilitator  

Records Management is a complex business process, with logical procedures that ever more organizations acknowledge as important to productivity, legal compliance, best practices and good governance. However, many organizations falter when updating their paper-based policies to include and address their electronic records.  The arrival of the Internet and e-mail has altered the exchange, speed and cost of sending and receiving information.  Even as electronic records increase in popularity, the requirement for more paper, printing and manual records continues to grow as employees receive several emailed documents a day.  If e-mails, presentations, contracts and other documents are regularly printed by employees, more records will require storage for a period of time to meet compliance issues and serve as a record for potential litigation. Many organizations may have good policies concerning the management of paper-based records, but have not adapted or formulated policies to address their electronic records.  This can become a serious problem as organisations experience vast increases in the volume of electronic data that needs to be treated as records, such as e-mail and office documents.  Most organisations have only modest records management programmes in place.  Areas that organisations need to consider improving include the management of electronic records, the formulation of strategies to adhere to compliance concerns, and better education and training of all employees in the elements of record management. Reference: <Accessed 13 March 2010> <Accessed 20

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Keywords: communication, Development, professional, workshop

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