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Lashcoat Semi Permanent Mascara and Training from Lashcoat: Permanent Mascara

By: Lashcoat: Permanent Mascara  08-21-2012
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Lashcoat FAQ Here you can find answers to the most common questions. Please contact your Lashcoat technician to answer any other questions you may have and to discuss how you can get the Lashcoat WOW factor. -What is Lashcoat Mascara? Lashcoat Mascara is a professionally applied semi permanent custom mixed coating that will thicken, colour, curl and lengthen your own natural lashes. It can be applied on upper and lower lashes and with eyelash extensions to extend the life of them. -What will Lashcoat Mascara achieve? Typically Lashcoat Mascara will thicken natural lashes 30 to 50% and can also make lashes look significantly longer. It also adds curl and colour. -What if my own lashes are in poor condition or sparse? Lashcoat Mascara is applied to your own natural lashes and will not create more lashes. It can only make your existing lashes look fuller and thicker so please ask your Lashcoat technician if the treatment will achieve what you desire. -How long will Lashcoat Mascara last? With proper after care Lashcoat Mascara will last 3-4 weeks and should then be professionally removed and reapplied if required. -How is Lashcoat maintained? Although some people get Lashcoat Mascara for a special occasion or holiday, most love the look so much that they choose to maintain it. Re-application on a 3-4 week basis keeps the lashes looking fresh, full and gorgeous! -How much does it cost? As a general guide from $50 depending on the look you desire and whether you have upper and lower lashes treated -Can regular mascara be used on top? No. If the client wants to use mascara the only recommended mascara is Lashcoat “Blossom” Mascara, which can be purchased from your Lashcoat technician. Lashcoat Nutritional mascara can also be used as every day mascara. -Can regular cleanser be used? No. Because cleansers are usually very emollient we don't recommend them. Instead we recommend an oil free makeup remover such as Adele Sutton cleanser. Keeping eyes clean is essential and face and eye area should be washed and cleaned daily. Makeup, eye creams, moisturisers etc are fine but keep them off lashes and do not allow any migration onto lashes. -Can Lashcoat mascara damage lashes? No. Eyelashes should never be picked, pulled or rubbed. Natural eyelashes will naturally shed as part of the Lashcoat lifecycle but may shed early if treated roughly. Treat your lashes with respect and be gentle with them. -Can I apply Lashcoat to myself? No. Lashcoat mascara can only be applied and removed by a trained Lashcoat professional. -Can I just buy Lashcoat products? No, Lashcoat products are only sold to Lashcoat trained and certified technicians.

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