DVD Creation


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Iris Shot Productions offers you a product that you can capture you photo's on DVD, we add music and captions making a DVD movie that you can keep for all time. leaving it up to you when and where you would like to watch if, if it is with friends, family , even potential business, your memories and message is always available at your finger tips. I the clips I added to my product pictures the film is about the cycle of life and the memories you have of you life if you need to look back at it, it describes a perfect way how life goes and we offer you the opportunity to catch these memories not just on photo's but on film, luring your audience to share with you those memories. Our family love these films and we sit at every possible event if it is a birthday or the holidays together watching these still films. This is a great way to share your memories with you family. In business I use this advertising medium when I go see potential clients, it works better than a presentation and 8 of the ten times this prospect becomes my client. Families can be seen in different ways and what is a business not different than a family. Please go and have a look at our website and see these films for yourself.

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