88mph Dealweek - Cape Town

By: Intelligent Routing Products (Pty) Ltd  02-17-2015
Keywords: Fleet Management, GPS Tracking, Vehicle Tracking Systems

Intelligent Routing Products (Pty) Ltd is privileged to currently be taking part in the 88mph Dealweek in Cape Town. For more information visit: http://www.88mph.ac/1000/introducing-dealweek-cape-town-2015/

Keywords: Fleet Management, GPS Tracking, Route Planning, Scheduling, Scheduling Software, Tracking Systems, Vehicle Tracking Systems

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- Save time spent on planning routes. (Our clients have saved up to 5 hours a day.) - Save time and money on kilometers driven by your delivery vehicles or reps. (Our clients have saved up to 1000km per month per vehicle.) This creates savings on vehicle maintenance. - Save on not having to hire extra staff. (Our clients have saved on not having to hire up to two extra staff members, extra drivers or vehicles.) - Reduce chance of theft, as drivers are constantly monitored.


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