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By: Ihs Global Insight Southern Africa  11-11-2011
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A unique application for analysing South Africa's regional data

Regional eXplorer (ReX) is a consolidated platform of integrated databases that provide accurate and up-to-date economic, socioeconomic, demographic, and development information on a spatial level for South Africa.

Regular users of data in South Africa are aware that the process of collecting existing, published data is time consuming, and that once collected, the data are often inconsistent or outdated and in a format not easily imported into standard software. ReX overcomes this challenge and provides spatial/regional data at the user’s fingertips via an interface that is compatible with Excel®.

Over the last few years, ReX has become the first port of call for consistent and reliable geographical data. The service offering is ideal for policy makers, private or academic researchers, and consultants who wish to utilise reliable and consistent spatial information across South Africa to assist in planning and decision-making processes. Subscribers find ReX an indispensable tool due to its comprehensive coverage, ease of use, and support from a well-established and reputable international research and analysis company.

From a global forecasting leader with a regional focus

IHS Global Insight is broadly recognized as an undisputed leader in economic analysis and forecasting. With over 325 economists based in 23 offices worldwide, we provide the most comprehensive economic and financial coverage of countries, regions, and industries available from any source. Our team of analysts and economists based in Pretoria is a leading provider of analysis and forecasts on the South African economy. We have experience in applying our skills to business problems in the real world, and we can provide strategic advice to large multinationals, small high-growth businesses, government, and non-governmental organisations. Our consulting research has earned us a reputation for accuracy and innovation.

Sources and methodology

ReX combines different sources of sub-national information. We bring you the relevant data from such sources as:
Bureau for Market Research (BMR) at UNISA
Statistics South Africa (StatsSA)
South African Reserve Bank (SARB)
South African Revenue Services (SARS)
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
Chamber of Mines of South Africa (CM)
Cement and Concrete Institute (CNCI)
South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA)
National Electricity Regulator (NER) and Eskom
Government departments, including National Treasury and the DTI
Various development agencies
Selected private research houses

Each primary dataset has its own strengths and weaknesses. IHS Global Insight’s own data, research, and modelling frameworks are applied in reworking primary data to ensure consistency across a wide range of variables, whilst national and sub-national verification tests are applied. IHS Global Insight’s suite of models used in ReX includes a macroeconometric model, an industry model, and an income-distribution model.

A detailed, step-by-step methodology document, which is part of the subscription service, informs subscribers how the information contained in ReX is compiled and maintained. ReX is a “living” database that is continually updated and refined as new primary data become available. Updates are made available to subscribers on a quarterly basis. IHS Global Insight encourages active two-way communication with subscribers regarding content and functionality of the service.

Geographical Coverage

The following areas form the geographic coverage within ReX:
Magisterial districts
Metropolitan municipalities
District municipalities
Local municipalities

The software also allows custom regions to be defined.
These regions can be a combination of any provinces and/or any magisterial districts, or a combination of municipalities, which allows significant flexibility in customising areas for specialised analysis.

ReX provides you with

Access to a unique, electronic interface to extract regional data

  • Access to an electronic document that highlights the step-by-step methodology followed in compiling the database; guidelines for some content interpretation and electronic maps of the areas form part of this document
  • Access to IHS Global Insight’s team of analysts, economists, and econometricians, who developed and maintain the database
  • Quarterly updates of regional data
  • Single-day training session on the use and functionality of the database (maximum of four users per session); training takes place at IHS Global Insight’s office in Centurion, Pretoria

Database content

The database content starts from 1996 to present for all modules, with the exception of one variable in the Environment eXplorer Module, which is a snapshot of the period 1994 – 95. The data history frequency for all modules is annual, with the exception of the Weather Module, which is monthly. Some variables have forecasts included. Please refer to the back cover for the Database Content Tables.

1. Demographic
2. Development
3. Household Infrastructure
4. Labour
5. Income and expenditure
6. Economic
7. International trade
8. Environment and weather
9. Crime

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