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By: Ihs Global Insight Southern Africa  11-11-2011
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Unique Economic Advisory Services

IHS Global Insight has the resources and skills to address pertinent issues facing business, government, and financial institutions. IHS Global Insight is armed with the largest repository of economic, demographic, and related information; a team of experienced business and economic analysts; and an innovative, Internet-based delivery mechanism. With IHS Global Insight as part of your team, you can focus on your core business activities. The combination of experienced people, sophisticated economic models, and access to the right data provides clients with an unbeatable problem-solving formula.

From Recognized Experts

IHS Global Insight is broadly recognized as an undisputed leader in economic analysis and forecasting. With over 325 economists based in 23 offices worldwide, we provide the most comprehensive economic and financial coverage of countries, regions, and industries available from any source.

Our team of analysts and economists based in Pretoria is a leading provider of analysis and forecasts on the South African economy. We provide a broad range of advisory services specifically designed to help you meet your strategic goals. We have experience applying our skills to business problems in the real world, and we can provide strategic advice to consumer product companies, industrial manufacturers, advertisers and broadcasters, energy companies, construction companies, banks and financial institutions, as well as national and local governments. We are committed to presenting objective and actionable advice that directly addresses your issues and goals.

Supporting Decision Making

By offering expert advice and the support of IHS Global Insight’s suite of products and services, IHS Global Insight’s South Africa team is well equipped to provide a broad range of advisory services, including:

  • Market analysis
  • Economic and business forecasts
  • Sub-national socioeconomic analysis
  • Business planning
  • Investment strategy
  • Risk assessment
  • Infrastructure analysis
  • Policy evaluation
  • Economic impact analysis
  • Input-output and social accounting analysis

A Wide Range of Experience

Since 1994, IHS Global Insight South Africa has been involved in a number of major consulting projects. Selected assignments include:

The Development of an Energy Project in South Africa
IHS Global Insight South Africa analysed the potential economic impact on the South African economy of an energy-related project in South and Southern Africa. This project included the development of infrastructure, as well as operational activities within the borders of South Africa. IHS Global Insight investigated the impact of the project on both the South African macroeconomy and the sub-national economies of the areas on which this project might have had an impact.

Export Data Analysis for the African Continent in a Global Context
IHS Global Insight South Africa analysed and evaluated the African continent’s historical export patterns relative to the global market in order to determine the potential for export diversification and import substitution for the continent as a whole. This was achieved by conducting a quantitative analysis of:

  • Historical patterns of export diversification
  • Potential sectors for import substitution within Africa
  • Export capacity constraints in Africa

Implications of the AIDS Epidemic for the South African Economy
IHS Global Insight South Africa was a major contributor to a groundbreaking study on the impact of HIV/AIDS on the South African macroeconomy that was published by an international brokerage. This study has been widely referenced in further work done by both academic and private-sector institutions. Using IHS Global Insight’s macroeconometric model, the costs of the epidemic to the economy were measured through its impact on the population, lower productivity, increased costs to companies, increased private-sector demand for healthcare, lower household income, and higher government expenditure on health services. The costs were measured by the impact on GDP, prices, interest rates, and balance of payments.

A Selection of Other Projects Conducted by IHS Global Insight South Africa

  • Analysed the impact of a number of trade liberalization initiatives on the South African economy
  • Assisted in publications on South Africa’s foreign trade
  • Assessed the economic impact of an industrial development zone for an international airport
  • Analysed the impact of infrastructure development and the operational activities of various energy-related projects at a national and sub-national level in South Africa
  • Advised a large multi-national company regarding the South African economy
  • Calculated the representative benchmark input cost indices for a number of companies
  • Calculated the contribution of various companies to the South African economy
  • Conducted economic market analyses for a major company at a sub-national level
  • Formulated economic scenarios used as inputs in a sub-national transportation-related project
  • Developed socioeconomic profiles on various provinces, metropolitan municipalities, and magisterial districts in South Africa

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