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By: Ideapower  11-11-2011
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An effective

logo design

or brand mark forms the central foundation for any good

. It's ability to distinctly and effectively represent a brand in every application is fundamental to the success of any logo design.

at Idea Power we believe a great logo's value can be measured in three key areas:

internal value (corporate culture)

Your brand's

logo design

needs to represent a key aspect of the


itself, preferably on the value it brings to the market or the

brand's promise

as its often referred to. Essentially the logo needs to form a

central mark

for staff to rally behind, a


of a central value or aspiration to be something more. Think of the


behind certain sport emblems, or the pride garnished in a flag placed on the shoulder of a uniform, similarly as a part of a

corporate identity,

ideally a logo should become a symbol of pride for a brand's staff.

external value (correct positioning)

Thinking of the historically powerful logo designs such as the Adidas three stripes, the Nike tick, the IBM logotype or the Fedex arrow, it becomes clear that a great logo needs to be



effectively distinguish

a brand from it's competitors in the eye of the viewer. In order to do this we believe a

logo design

needs to have an individual

visual personality

determined by the overall brand strategy and positioning statement.

application value (brand experience)

The points of interaction between brand and consumer are constantly evolving and a flexible and innovative brand identity is absolutely essential. As the logo design is the


of any effective identity the mark needs to be able to go everywhere the brand may need to.

While communications such as fax and post are not as prevalent as they once were, modern online and print applications still require simple, bold and legible logo design with the ability to lay claim to any item on behalf of the brand. Be it a shirt or outdoor sign,

remains essential

in maximizing the


on the identity. Therefore a logo design that is impractical in application not only results in higher application costs, but can also dilute the

strategic effectiveness

of the identity to communicate on behalf of the brand.

our approach

Our methodology to logo design is simple, we don't design it simply to be a

visually pleasing

symbol, nor do we see it in isolation. As mentioned before, we see a brand's logo as an essential foundation to it's identity, therefore wherever possible we will engage in a

brand identity analysis

with each logo design project.

Whether the enterprise is just starting up or looking to change focus, the analysis takes a


view of the business, the market place, competitors and culture, forming the compass to direct the

logo design

and gauge it's effectiveness.

We have had

100% success

with every

logo design

project where the analysis has been undertaken, therefore every logo design project where the client chooses to engage us, with the

has a

full satisfaction guarantee

attached to it.

To sum up our criteria:

  • Logo design needs to symbolize a central brand value(s).
  • Logo design needs to be simple, distinct, striking and memorable.
  • Logo design needs to be flexible and easily applicable across multiple media.

compliments we have received for our logo design work

“We are really excited about the new logo design for the Disney Book Club. It blends in well with the overall Disney branding in the marketplace. We wanted the new logo to be bold, playful and update the branding of the book club within the Disney rules and I think that Kyle and his team did a great job to achieve that.”

- Liesl Smit, Jacklin Enterprises.

“Since starting out working with Idea Power we have had loads of positive feedback about the minor yet significant change to our logo design..”

- Denton Goodford, Multisure.

“..The logo is beautiful and what I had visualised it to be. I loved the subtle innuendo and sleekness which permeates throughout the various brand elements.”

- Anthea Henderson, Kid-ease.

“..The identity from the logo design through to website now accurately reflects our modern, progressive vision of our business.”

- Patricia Rossouw, Global Treasury Solutions.

“..You grasp the concept of what a business needs very well and transform that into a terrific final product, whether it be a website, logo design or signage..”

- Dr Cliff Meyer, Treat-a-Pet.

“..Kyle I want to thank you for you insight and patience in working with me in creating this logo design. My eye's have been opened to your methodology and are exceptionally pleased with the results.”

- Barbara Birungi, Amaktran.

Keywords: logo design, Logo Design Needs

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