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By: Ideapower  11-11-2011
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needs to be more than an eye-catching design, it needs to align with the brand's

, capturing the culture and promise of the brand, and ensuring it comes through in every communication. The key definition of corporate identity is the visual representation of an organization's personality.



Inspired brand identity design is a


of an understanding the client's brand, the greater context of their market place and their culture with a

distinct visual language

to position them clearly in comparison with their competitors.

With every

corporate identity

project, we undertake a detailed analysis of the brand identity which assists us in taking a strategic view of the client's business, market place, competitors and culture. This analysis then forms the basis for drawing up the key communication and application objectives of the brand identity design. This in turn, forms the measure by which the brand identity design is assessed. Every brand identity design with this analysis has a

full satisfaction guarantee

attached to it.


After the completion of the identity analysis and confirmation of the


by the client, we undertake the

creative process

of the brand identity design.

Typically we like to present the corporate identity design as a complete proposal, looking not only at the

logo design

but also the full context of corporate identity / brand identity application. In other words, how it appears in context. There is no limit to the number of these proposals yet we will limit the initial auantity according to the size of the business, SME's normally 1 - 2 and larger enterprises 2 - 3 proposals.

the 3-step review

With each brand identity design proposal, we will explain the rationale behind the creative and how this relates to the

key objectives

set out in the

corporate identity / brand identity

analysis. Typically the client will then assess the value of the creative proposals.

We suggest assessing the value of corporate identity / brand identity by gauging its ability in three key areas:

Keywords: Corporate Identity, Corporate Identity Design, logo design

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There are normally communication objectives and application requirements for each design; there should also be an overall brand communication strategy, which each design should fit into. The designer is therefore creating a design to solve a client's communication objectives not for their own personal expression though every designer will have their own unique style.


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Revamping your brand or corporate identity can be of strategic value for your business, it can signify a refreshed or up to date outlook on your industry, a significant refocusing of your services or products, or perhaps a change in ownership or structure.