Psychometric Testing: Orbus-Dynamo Personal Performance Assessment (

Psychometric Testing:  Orbus-Dynamo Personal Performance Assessment ( from Hubbab

By: Hubbab  02-26-2010
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The Orbus-Dynamo Personal Performance Assessment can be a multi purpose tool; it can be used to make an informed decision on which candidate to employ; it can be used to enable management teams to perform and communicate better; it can be used by potential business partners to determine if there is any gaps in their hard and soft skill set to make their business venture a success; it can be used for personal growth, boost your career and nail that interview.

The Orbus-Dynamo Personal Performance Assessment is a psychometric test that assesses an individual as a whole; Cognitive Ability, Social Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Anxiety and Depression Levels and Management.  We as people are as basic as we are complex and are dynamic and changing entities; furthermore we also do not operate in isolation, we operate in dynamic and changing environments, if we know ourselves and our team members better, we will also operate more effectively.  It is said that one is only as versatile and flexible to the degree of the understanding we have of ourselves, of others and of our environment.   In today’s demanding and competitive personal and business environment, knowledge is imperative for survival.  It is a known fact that very successful individuals and companies are the one’s that recognizes the need to know as much about themselves and the people they work with to create a better understanding.  In many instances a lot of unnecessary time is wasted by not having the right information.  For example, you might have a very good sales representative or management team member and over a period of time this individual start fading, either by being absent from work or by not pulling their weight as they used to.  Some might think this individual has simply lost their edge and their drive and in fact it might just be that this individual has reactive depression or are experiencing anxiety which they are not aware of themselves.  The Orbus-Dynamo Personal Performance Assessment will point this out and also if this individual is managing their stress.  Instead of retrenching or even firing this individual they might just need a hobby or get medical help.  You will gain your valuable employee or management member back instead of losing them.

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