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By: Hambisana  11-11-2011
Keywords: Security Cameras, Dvb Over Ip, Portal Applications

Insite is a monitoring and ticketing system combining all the functionality of the mayor vendor with a smaller price tag. Insite monitors in-depth information of infrastructure and will report and escalated on any anomalies within the monitored environment.

EnerSave combines multiple datasets in the energy management environment to advise the larger corporates on better and smarter ways of curbing their electricity consumption.

This application removes all the technical requirements normally associated with configuration a DVB over IP Convertor by automating most of the process. Any person with basic IT knowledge is now capable of doing installations usually only reserved for costly specialist technicians.

Many industries require a STB to do more than just display live TV. Our portal applications provide a platform where hospitality can display bill information on the TV though integration with the billing system, hospitals be a position to stream relevant educational material to the patient or simply providing access to multiple security cameras in a gated community.

Our DVB Monitoring solution combines the power of a multi-viewer and a DVB analysis and alerting application into one suite. Having been built on IP, this solution is scalable and highly flexible. Monitoring can be done on large screens in a command centre environment or even on a laptop sitting in an office.

Keywords: Dvb Over Ip, Portal Applications, Security Cameras

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Hambisana - Products - DVB Monitoring

Our DVB Monitoring solution combines the power of a fully flexible and configurable, multi-viewer or video wall with a full DVB analysis and alerting component. The application comprises of multiple modules and forms part of one integrated suite. Having been built on IP, this solution is scalable and highly flexible.


Hambisana - Products - DVB Over IP Configuration

Different configurations for each STB (Example: Higher paying customers might get access to the full bouquet and others only limited access. The software has been designed to allow an installer, with only basic information, to perform advanced system configuration. The DVB Over IP Configuration tool was developed to make IPTV installation much easier, quicker and more cost effective.


Hambisana - Products - DVB Over IP Monitoring

The software can be configured to monitor streams directly from the DVB over IP Converter, or to troubleshoot network / infrastructure related problems. The monitoring application has been developed to assist the system integrators to be aware of any possible problems on a site to site basis.


Hambisana - Products - DVB Over IP Portals

The portals application can expose billing information, Video On Demand facilities, latest currency, weather and news feeds and even provide an exposure platform for security cameras to be monitored. The portals applications have enjoy much success in the hospitality industries and gated communities and is poised to break into the service industry for educational purposes.