Gulfstream Energy Fuel Supply Solutions - Fuel Credit - Fuel Gaurantees - Fuel Financing

By: Gulfstream Energy  11-11-2011
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Gulfstream Energy supplies and distributes fuel for all industrial and automotive applications.  These products are sourced only from licensed and reputable suppliers and will at all times conform to the required national specifications.

Diesel 500 ppm                     SANS 342
Diesel   50 ppm                     SANS 342
Petrol ULP 93 & 95                SANS 1598
Petrol LRP 93 & 95                SANS 1598
Illuminating Paraffin              SANS 1913
Jet A1                                  DERD 2494

Lubricants                            Relevant SABS specification

Product Supply Channel

The above products will be made available through the following channels depending on customer requirements:

  • Direct deliveries to customers premises using reputable transporters
  • Customer own collect (COC) from designated uplift points
  • On-Road fuel supply mechanism through fleet card
  • Rail tank car deliveries to designated rail sidings

Value Added Services

Gulfstream can offer the following value added propositions to customers:

  • Credit – credit worthy users of petroleum product to get access to a line of credit which will enable them to purchase petroleum products on terms.  The available terms and nature of the credit line is flexible and can be tailored in line with any existing and potential customer’s financial and risk profile.
  • Securities – customers requiring a credit term will be rewarded if they can supply securities to cover the credit exposure. Gulfstream has the knowledge, expertise and products to enable customers to put together a suit of security options to enable them to accrue maximum benefit from the securities they provide.
  • Asset Finance - customers will have access to asset finance to fund capital equipment, including the installation of fuel storage and dispensing equipment.
  • On-road Refueling, Toll & Maintenance – bulk fuel customers requiring an on-refueling solution can make use of WesBank’s extensive card offer for the provision of fuel, toll and maintenance.
  • On-line Ordering and Account Management – using the web-based Gulfstream Trading Platform, customers can place electronic orders on-line, track the status of orders placed and manage accounts.  This system will also allow customers to report any incident electronically.
  • Projected Monthly Price Movements – customers will have access to the predicted price movements for fuel based on the most recent market indicators.

Keywords: Fuel