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 The First line of cosmetics that combines the secrets of beauty passed down through the centuries together with the most advanced research in skin cosmetics. Good bacteria in your body keep levels of bad bacteria in check - and they can do the same for your skin. Verattiva is an exclusive natural body care brand from Italy that has incorporated a patented probiotic complex, Probiofactor, into its range of creams for the body. The probiotics have been proven in increase the skin's natural ceramides, thereby improving the quality of the skin's lipid barrier and teh improvment of the skin cells apoptosis "the dead of the cell". Combined with another exclusive compound, Idraloe, Verattiva is designed to improve the moisture content of dry, eczema-prone skins and help combat skin ageing. Regular use will also restore the skin's natural PH levels, leaving you with more comfortable and younger looking skin. Strong in its experience with organic cultivation of Aloe Vera and in the use of therapeutic Probiotics, Specchiasol Research has created the first Cosmetics Line dedicated to body products which are a synergetic combination of two completely new compounds; IDRALOE AND PROBIOFACTOR: IDRALOE: A recolutionary hydrating, anti-ageing complex from organically farmed Aloe Vera Barbadensis Gel Aloe was known even five thousand years ago as the "Plant of Immortality" or the "Miracle Plant". Aloe with its soothing, Hydrating and protective qualities, is a rich source of minerals such as Iron, Chrome, Calcium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Copper, Sodium, Zinc and Boron. PROBIOFACTOR: Rebalancing Probiotic - Prebiotic Complex of Epidermal Microflora Probiofactor is obtained from a specific process that remains stable for more than 36 months. Regular use of Verattiva containing tyndallized probiotics re-establishes the balance of the skin, such as PH and organic acid levels (lactic, acetic, propionic acid) a treatment method that most of the medical scientific community agrees on. According to selective studies probiotics has shown a significant increase of the level of the natural ceramides of the skin. This leads to an increase in the level of ceramides in the corneal layer, thereby improving the quality of the skin's lipid barrier. As such, this results in increased efficiency of the skin's hydrolipid barrier because of the addition of natural ceramides that are completely identical in structure to those already present in the corneal layer of the epidermis. Ceramides are involved in the natural barrier function of the epidermis and derma. They infleunce the TEWL (trans-epidermal water loss). Decreased ceramedes on the skin leads to excessive dryness. Dehydrated skin allows for penetration of external materials, therby opening up the possibility to inflammatory forms of irritation. Verattiva improves the lipid barrier of the skin and a better resistance against dry skin. Another study showed that Probiotics are also important in case af atopic dermatitis and the improvement of the skin cells apoptosis (the dead of the cells). Verattiva combines the secrets of beauty passed down through the centuries together with the most advanced research in skin cosmetics. This formula keeps skin hydrated, elastic and refrechingly energized.PRODUCTS: ULTRA DELICATE ENERGIZING AND BALANCING BODY SHOWER DERGENT It is a delicate soap formulated to clean the skin while maintaining the skin's proper balance, due to the prosence of probiotic milk enzymes, and leaves a smooth hydrating layer on the skin. This produst is perfect for woman that suffers from infections, itchiness, burning, irritation, thrush and candida. EXFOLIATING, PURIFYING BODY TREATMENT To be applied after ultra delicate energizing and balancing body shower detergent. The Natural Exfoliant Scrub is part of a specialized line of skin care products. Verattiva Exfoliant has been created to pruify surface of epidermis in order to remove impurities and oxidizing agents, the principle cause of ageing of the skin. FIRMING AND TONIC BODY CREAM To be applied after exfoliating, purifying body scrub, this cosmetic is ideal for firming breasts, tummy, bottom, legs and arms . Daily use makes the body more elastic and toned. HYDRATING, ANTI-AGEING, ENERGIZING AND BALANCING BODY CREAM To be applied after ultra delicate energizing and balancing body shower detergent, this cosmetic has a deep acting nutritive, hydrating and energizing effect, and slowa down the effects of ageing of the skin and rebalances skin to its natural state thanks to the presence of probiotic melk enzymes. Can also be mixed with the firming and tonic body cream before applaying for a better affect overall. THE BEAUTY OF CLEOPATRA'S SKIN . . . SO BEAUTYFUL THAT SHE IS STILL REMEMBERED AFTER THOUSANDS OF YEARS ! ! !

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