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 Filorga Laboratories initiated and innovated the modern concept of aesthetic medicine in France. The core concepts of their research are: Devoted and professional aesthetic scientific research Pioneering and developing modern medical treatments and advanced professional skin therapies Revolutionary anti-ageing skin treatments. "BEAUTY IS AN ART. WE MADE IT A SCIENCE." Scientific Anti-Ageing Treatments Filorga offers a comprehensive range of professional treatments and homecare products that boost the skin and deliver dramatic results. What is GlyKopeel? GlyKopeel is a non-invasive, chemical free product, made from natural ingredients e.g. sugercane. It's a 100% risk free glycolic acid skin peeling system with a combination of active major ingredients. This treatment can be applied anytime of the year, on all skin types even the most sensitive! GlyKopeel is used to effectively treat signs of skin damage acting specifically on: Reversal of epidermis and dermal photo ageing Fine lines and wrinkles Hyper pigmentation and uneven skin tone Problematic skin Texture refinement Restoring skin radiance Why use GlyKopeel? 7 major active ingredients: A powerful exfoliant - glycolic acid 2 depigmenting kojic acid and bearberry An anti-flammatory and vascular protector - white mulberry Vitamins A, C and E that reinforce their power. Exfoliating The exfoliating action is ensured with glycolic acid. It is a major exfoliant that diminishes the thickness of the hyperkeratotic stratum norneum by diminishing the cohesion of corneocytes (dead cells). Ingredients: Glycolic acid Stimulating Because of the reduced size of its molecular structure, glycolic acid has a high transcutaneous penetration potential. By penetrating the dermis, it stimutates the fibroblasts and increases the synthesis of collagen, elastin and the glycosaminoglycans. Ingredients: Glycolic acid, Vitamin C, White mulberry Depigmenting Kojic acid and Bearberry extract are powerful depigmenting ingredients, capable of reducing the synthesis of melanin through inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase. The exclusive association of these two active ingredients ensures the best treatment of pigmentation troubles. Ingredients: Kojic acid, Bearberry, Vitamin C Revitalising Filorga GlyKopeel peeling vitamins play an important role in protecting, restructuring and reactivating the skin. Ingredients: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E Anti-irritating White mulberry act as an anti-flammatory agent. Ingredients: White mulberry GlyKopeel is presented in the form of 3 concentrations of glycolic acid: 20% pH2 50% pH1.85 70% pH1.75 Indications Skin Anti-Ageing Melasma Sunburn Pigmentation Problems Acne Skin Smoothing "Mottled" complexion Sequential variation of pH Contrary to traditional peelings which brutally lower the skin's pH GlyKopeel is the 1st peeling with sequential variation of pH in 4 phases: Prepeel decreases the pH of the skin to 4.5, the GlyKopeel peeling solution lowers it between 1.75 and 2 according to the concentration used, the Neutraliser raises it to 8, then the Isotonic Mist restores the skin's physiological pH. FILORGA HOME CARE RANGE Clinical Trials have been performed on all the Cellular Cosmetic Products by an independent testing laboratory, certified by the European Union. Results: The moisturizing effect of the cellular cosmetic products is proven, immediate and long lasting. Skin also gains up to 26% firmness and smoothness. Wrinkle depths are drastically reduced. Cleanser and Toner The toner is the essential complement for a perfect make-up removal having stimulated the skin and eliminates any trace of sebum left by the cleansing milk. Day Cream Feeds, protects and vitalises the skin during day time. Is also perfectly suitable as a preparation for make-up. Night Cream Plays a preventitive part against wrinkles. Can also be applied during the day for very dry and dehydrated skin. SPECIALIST TARGETED ACTION PRODUCTS Eyes and Lips Contour Its texture presented in the form of a light gel for an instantaneous absorption contains a formula very rich in active ingredients amongst which the most moble extracts of this range. Cream Mask Gives skin a true oxygenation care, moisturises, brightens and smoothes the face by increasing the skin's thickness. Hyper Pigmentation & Lightening Cream Pigmentation Removal and Lightening Cream acts effectively on blotches and pigment imperfections also acts to highlight your skin tone. Sun Block With Anti-Ageing Action The sun is the principal factor of skin ageing and the damage it causes your skin is irreversible. The Filorga Sun Block Care SPF30 contains a sun filter with micronized zinc oxide, possessing an excellent absorption and protection capacity against the sun's harmful rays, UVA and UVB. It is also perfectly suitable as a preparation for make-up. AT FOSSETTE ENDERMOLOGIE CLINIC WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT THE FILORGA RANGE IS USED WITH SUPER FOODS Rx.

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