Enterprise Insight Products and Services (Interactive Business Simulation) Software

By: Enterprise Insight  11-11-2011

Coached by professionals, managers get the unique opportunity to gain years of management experience in days. In a simulated, but highly realistic business environment, players, as the management teams of their businesses, have to steer it to success while handling the challenges of the broader economic environment, the market dynamics, the characteristics of their field or industry, their own company strengths and weaknesses and the actions of their competition.

We offer both corporate in-house programmes, uniquely designed according to the organisation's development needs, and group-based workouts focusing on specific management and leadership themes aimed at the individual participant. The Business Challenge also serves as a powerful technique to complement academic training, providing managers and leaders with the opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and practise. 

Depending on the specific design of the session, we will achieve one or more of the following results:

  • Players will see the bigger business picture, and understand better how their decisions impact on the bottom line of their company.
  • They will develop a profound insight into the complex dynamics at play in the market. 
  • They will experience the importance of differentiation, and learn how to leverage the value chain to achieve that. 
  • They will develop an understanding of the importance of customer service, and how the total value chain has to be aligned to optimally satisfy the customer's needs. 
  • They will begin to understand what the important issues are when managing a business, and how to focus their effort. 
  • They will learn the skill of business problem solving: how to get to the root of the problem, to identify potential solutions, choose the best alternative and focus on the important issues. 
  • They will learn how to analyse and interpret management information (forecasts, sales reports, financial statements). 
  • They will develop a feel for the longer-term impact of their decisions. 
  • They will gain confidence in business decision-making in high stress situations. 
  • They will experience the value of information sharing and coordination.

Our experience has shown the Business Challenge to be unrivalled internationally in realism and representation of the dynamics and complexity of management decision-making. It is a product that wins rave reviews whereever we go.