By: Elektroplan  11-11-2011
Keywords: Hand Tools

Elektroplan also supplies various other products especially related to humanitarian demining that are manufactured and available in South Africa. Elektroplan is registered as an Importer and an Exporter at the SA Revenue Services (SARS) and are able to export procured products for clients to where ever in the world they requested.

  • Landmine and UXO Clearance Protection Systems
  • Micro Climate Systems

Every piece of demining equipment has undergone live blast testing. Each demining suit and demining helmet provides an optimal balance between protection and comfort, and takes into consideration climate and operational demands.

Elektroplan supplies a set of hand tools specifically designed, developed and manufactured for the manual deminer to ensure his safety in the first place and secondly to enhance his productivity.

The hand tools are secured in a convenient and durable splash proof bag with an industrial 2-way zip than can be locked. The prodder, excavating tool and trowel are specifically design and manufactured of very low magnetic signature, tough, non-brittle stainless steel. These items also underwent blast tests to ensure that the tools do not enhance the possible injuries of the deminer by shattering in case of a mine accident.

Keywords: Hand Tools

Other products and services from Elektroplan


elektroplan - mine detectors

The Mil-D1 is a portable, high-sensitivity Metal Detector design to detect magnetic and non-magnetic metals in conductive and non-conductive soils, including laterite and magnetite. The metal detector comprises of a detection head, a telescopic handle, an electronics unit, a canvas carrybag and a high Impact Polypropylene Case.


elektroplan - metal detectors

Among the advantages that accrue from this level of discrimination are an overall increase in the security level, which is achieved because search operations are concentrated on a limited number of people, and a significant reduction in the running costs of the check-points thanks to the reduced number of personnel needed for screening operations.


elektroplan - handtools

The manual demining hand tools consist of a well compiled toolkit that contains the majority of hand tools required by a manual deminer to conduct his manual demining work safely and effectively under various terrain conditions. Prodder Needle Weight: 325 gDimensionsNeedle: 300X6mmTotal length: 400mmHand guard: 80mmMaterial: S/Steel non magnetic.