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Autobleep SMS Controller from Dynamic Security Distributors DSD

By: Dynamic Security Distributors DSD  06-17-2010
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Ever wanted to:

·         Know if you have a triggered alarm at home and not to have to rely on the monitoring company?

·         Wanted to switch on the alarm, after you have left home and realised that you forgot to arm it?

·         Open the gate or switch on a light when you are not at home?

·         Check when the domestic worker arrives and leaves, and then switch the alarm on?

·         Have a simple alarm for your caravan or holiday home?

·         Let important people (Neighbour or friend) know when you pressed the panic alarm?

·         Know when your power at home is switched off?

Well YOU can be in control and do all these things very simply by using an Autobleep SMS Controller

·         You can connect it to your alarm system and program the alarm to send the notification directly to your cell phone and to whom ever you have programmed into the Autobleep

·         Being able to send a command directly to the Autobleep enables you to arm or disarm your alarm system as if you where standing in front of the gate with a remote. This has just got range around the globe!

·         You can send it a command to switch on a light or open the gate when you are not at home.

·         You will know when the domestic worker has arrived when you get the notification that the alarm at home is disarmed or armed when she leaves. (If she/he does not have the facility to arm or disarm, you can do it from your office!)

·         Have the Autobleep setup in your caravan or holiday home, as the alarm, so that you immediately know if there is a problem.

·         The Autobleep is capable to send the same massage to as many people as what you desire. It is absolutely your choice. Have different events go to different people.

·         With a simple setup, the Autobleep can notify you when the power is off at home and you can then notify the correct people before you get home and not get the nasty surprise when you arrive home.

Setup is very simple and straight forward. We will supply you with all the know how in order to get the Autobleep working for you! Yes you can do it yourself!


·         8 Inputs (this is when the Autobleep lets you know of an event)

·         8 Outputs (This is when you tell the Autobleep what to do)

·         Works from 12 volt

·         Programming is done via your cell phone, very easy.

·         Connection to a Computer is available, but not necessary.

·         Has built-in security. You specify who can give the Autobleep commands

If you require any more information, please give us a call or come visit the shop in Centurion!

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