Online Stakeholder Communications

By: Creative Community Online  10-09-2012
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Creative Community Online’s approach to stakeholder communications brings clarity to your corporate message, strength to your brand, transparency to financial reporting and depth to your corporate responsibility reporting.

We Transform content of a printed Report into a usable Online version with the aim of drawing a comprehensive picture of your company.

Innovation is always the overriding aim and we constantly test the limits and possibilities of the Online report.

Why Online Reporting

Whether you’re communicating with investors, customers, employees or other key audiences, engaging and motivating them is your goal. Online Reporting brings dry data and facts to life
Online is key for research, data processing, and reference link
Ability to access reports and results on the internet when you need them, wherever you are
Maximising shareholder access to corporate information and minimising the ecological impact of large-volume printing

In the absence of statistics from how your printed report is used, online can take the lead.

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