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IT Solutions from BLUE-C-iT from BLUE-C-iT

By: BLUE-C-iT  04-09-2010
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General IT Support for small, medium and large enterprises not consisting of an already established IT department.

Any issues with regards to large software and hardware will result in a technician being sent out to the premises to investigate the issue and resolving it. The call-out times will be stipulated in the agreement with regards to timestamp on resolving small, medium and large issues.


The options include the following

Daily (Will run automated after hours)

Weekly (Which will occur on Fridays)

Bi-Weekly (Twice a month on Fridays)

Monthly (Last Friday of the month)

Backup drives will be kept off-site in a secured location.

There are 2 common back-up areas which include

My Documents





Both mentioned above.

Advantage of using back-ups:

In case of theft, unexpected power loss and damages of any kind backed-up data will not be lost and will be easily recovered thus not resulting in any loss of crucial data and time.

Remote Assistance

We have software in which we will easily be able to assist from a remote location when the need occurs.

Features of Remote Assistance:

A small program that is installed on each workstation resulting in quick and easy resolving of Windows and software related problems that will be handled by a skilled technician remotely.

Advantages of Remote assistance:

1.)   Quick and easy resolving of Windows related problems without the need of calling out a technician which will take slightly longer.

2.)   Cost saving on phone bill by communicating over windows with the client. A simple support request can be logged on our website or be sent via email to us and one of our skilled technicians will gladly contact and assist remotely. Which means your computer will be taken over for a short while by them to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. A simple phone call will also suffice where we will only need a few details in order to assist remotely.

IT based Hardware and Software Supplies

We offer discounted rates for our valued clients on IT related products which will result in better yearly turnover and better value for money.

Hardware and software to rent options

One of our great solutions for your business is to be able to rent hardware and software from us at a monthly fee. Being more cost efficient it will enable you as a client to acquire a full range of IT based products at a monthly fee. Dependant on you as our client’s needs a package will be structured best suited for you, enabling you to have the most efficient hardware according to your needs. After the beforehand agreed lease term the existing hardware will be replaced or upgraded making sure the hardware is the most up to date and productive according to your needs.

Advantages of rentable options:

1.)   Hardware acquirable through a monthly fee making it extremely cost efficient.

2.)   Always having up to date hardware at an affordable rate.


Our skilled Developers and Web Designers will be able to assist our clients in the following ways:

1.)   Creating of a new Website and advice regarding domain registering.

2.)   Upgrading or improving of an already existing website.

3.)   Development of programs required as per the clients needs and advice regarding registering of the software.

IT Infrastructure and Implementation

We offer in depth planning, layout/design and implementation of a whole office network and add-ons / upgrading of an existing network.

We handle IT, so you can handle your business.

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