Aerografix Creative Models

By: Aerografix  11-11-2011

Welcome to the Aerografix Kits Catalogue. Due to our very busy commercial obligations, our leadtimes are not as fast as some of the dedicated kit manufacturers. We are totaly dedicated to speeding up our services in every aspect. Please feel free to contact us  regarding our delivery schedules.

BRAND NEW TOOLING.   Available end August 2010.

 Sneak Preview: Pre production Sample!

1/35 Scale Samil 100 Battlefield Heavy Recovery

Available November 2010

1/72 Scale Kits 1/35 Scale Kits
Rooikat 105mm 72 scale kit Rooikat 105mm 35 scale kit
  Rooikat76mm SANDF  72 scale kit

  Rooikat 76mm SANDF 35 scale kit 

 G5 155mm 72 scale kit  G5 155mm 35 scale kit

Olifant Mk2 Main Battle Tank 72 scale kit

Ratel 20 35 scale kit



  G6 H45155mm 72 scale kit      G6 H45155mm 35 scale kit




G6 155mm SANDF  72 scale kit

  G6 155mm SANDF  35 scale kit



Bateleur Multiple Rocket Launcher   72 Scale kit

Hoefyster MCV 35 scale kit




  Eland 90 Mk5

 1/48th Scale Kits  
 ROOIVALK  built up model