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By: The Powerpoint Connection  11-11-2011

We have the skills to identify and resolve power quality and energy management problems quickly and effectively

Experiencing repetitive electrical equipment failure?

Failures that are costly and result in lost production? Have you considered investigating the electrical power connected to this equipment? At The Powerpoint Connection we have the skills and equipment to record your electrical power and report back on our measurements - identifying the root cause of the problem.

Do you want to save money on your electricity account?

Our measurements can indicate areas where you could improve upon the efficiency of your electrical consumption.

Do you want to measure and record the electrical energy consumption of specific equipment or a division of the company?

If you would like to apportion parts the electricity bill to the various divisions within the company then we can take measurements at various electrical feeds and provide you with a report that will be a more accurate reflection of the electricity used.

Are you a victim of poor electrical power quality?

Problems often arise through poor power and you would never know this unless you had a power quality check. Correcting problems like this could save you thousands of rands.

Is your electricity supplier providing you with sub-standard power, which is having a negative impact on your running costs?

Facts are a powerful negotiation tool and with our measurements we can enter into negotiations with the electrical supplier to ensure that you don't have to tolerate substandard power.

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