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By: Russell Investments  11-11-2011
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Russell Sovereign Investment Program
Investing your wealth should provide peace of mind, not keep you up at night. You need a long-term strategy that not only protects your wealth but also provides the opportunity for growth. With the Russell Sovereign Investment Program, individual investors have access to the same expertise that Russell has used for over 35 years. By providing superior diversification across investment styles and asset classes, Russell Sovereign offers you an approach that can grow your investment, manage your risk, and best of all, let you sleep at night. The Russell Sovereign Investment Program brings together the philosophy and multi-manager funds of  with the personalized service of your Investment Advisor. Large pools of capital have always been able to invest wisely, in part, because they can afford to conduct sophisticated investment research and retain the services of consultants to design their investment portfolios. Through our association with selected investment advisory firms, Russell's sophisticated investment strategy is available to you. Russell diversifies portfolios at three levels. Our sophisticated strategy aims to help you reduce risk and build long-term wealth. — Each of the major investment asset classes are represented by a separate Sovereign pool and can be included in your portfolio, in proportion to your objectives. — When you invest in one Russell pool, your investment has representative managers from each style category. No matter which style is in favour at a time, this blending of styles is designed to reduce risk and help provide more consistent returns. — Within manager styles, each of the Russell pools uses a manager-of-managers approach, selecting and monitoring some of the most talented money managers in the world. Furthermore, a Sovereign accredited investment professional will work with you to understand your needs and create an investor profile. Then with the use of Russell's sophisticated asset allocation software, your Advisor will tailor a custom portfolio based on your specific individual needs and goals. Each Russell Sovereign Portfolio is Unique
Because each Russell Sovereign Portfolio is customized to reflect individual investor needs and goals, there are seven Russell Sovereign portfolios. reflect possible allocations for Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive portfolios.

Your portfolio may differ from that of the sample portfolios. As a result, actual investor portfolio returns often vary. This difference is compounded by variables such as date of purchase and frequency of rebalancing to the original asset allocation. Date of first publish: October 5, 2006.

Keywords: Individual Investors

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