Basic Kyusho Pressure Point Combat Program

By: Kyusho Pressure Point Combat Bryanston   05-01-2010
Keywords: Martial Arts, Meditation, Self Defence

 The Basic Pressure Point Combat Program have been developed specifically for people interested in the Pressure Point Fighting & Healing Arts but have no previous training or limited experience in the martial arts. The duration of the Basic Program is six to twelve months depending on individual’s progress. This program is guaranteed to transform anyone off the street with no previous martial arts or combat experience and turn them into a potent fighter to be reckoned with in the shortest possible time frame.

You will be taught how to move, how to breathe and how to strike effectively, whilst building a fitness and flexibility base as well as conditioning your body for combat. Without the combat fundamentals, pressure points and advanced knowledge aspects of the martial arts, is just useless theory.

This program will give you the critical basic fundamentals, which can then be used to build on by adding practical application of pressure point knowledge into advanced levels. For that reason this training program was developed which is realistic and covers the basics in combat from fitness, conditioning, striking, kicking and grappling. In summary it is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) program to bring those with no martial arts experience up to the level where they can survive in a self defence or violent confrontation. Techniques have been put together from a variety of martial art styles ranging from Boxing, Judo, Taekwondo, Aikido, and various forms of Karate, Ninjitsu, Russian Systema, and some of the Filipino Arts.

Keywords: Kyusho Aiki Jutsu, Martial Arts, Meditation, Mind, Body and Spirit, Mma, pressure point fighting, Self Defence, Self Defense,

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