Advanced Kyusho Pressure Point Combat Program

By: Kyusho Pressure Point Combat Bryanston   05-01-2010
Keywords: Martial Arts, Meditation, Self Defence

 The Advanced pressure point Combat Program have been developed for the more experienced martial artist who is looking to enhance his existing styles by incorporating the deadly and effective pressure point arts to his style. In order to qualify for this program you are required to prove formal training in the traditional martial arts for a minimum of four years (1st Dan), or combat related arts (boxing/kickboxing/MMA). This advanced program broadly deals with the following aspects, but are not limited to:

- More advanced levels of fitness, conditioning and flexibility.
- Advanced movement in combat
- Advanced strikes and kicking (variety of styles and techniques)
- Taking strikes and dealing with pain
- Level 2 – 10 of the Kyusho Aiki Jutsu International Curriculum forms the basis for study of the pressure point studies and is applied to all aspects of combat as set out in the program.
- In depth study and application of pressure points from both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western Medicine (WM).
- Advanced studies of TCM theories and its application on fighting and healing principles.
- Advanced Grappling
- Take downs and controls
- Tuite (joint locks and manipulations).
- Multiple opponents
- Moving knockouts and incapacitations.
- Qi Gong and Healing Fundamentals.
- Defence against variety of weapons.

Keywords: Kyusho Aiki Jutsu, Martial Arts, Meditation, Mind, Body and Spirit, Mma, pressure point fighting, Self Defence, Self Defense,

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