Promoter Training

By: Dynamic Promotions  11-11-2011


promoters are sourced and recruited to suit your product profile. Only the best promoter will be trained on your brand to ensure maximum output is achieved.

Training Extensive

promoter training is one element that sets us apart from all competition. We pride ourselves in confidently admitting to our promoters being specialists on your brand. Our intense training covers selling skills, consumer recognition, and product knowledge. We believe that it is a waste of money to send promoters out into the field without significant training.


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STORE PROMOTION in-store promoter STORE BRAND AWARENESS promoter IN-STORE PROMOTIONS below the line marketing

Our temporary and permanent promoters portray professionalism while communicating your brand and because of our dedication and training of our promoters, their confidence is far above any other. With enthusiasm, and energy oozing from our dynamic promoters, your brand will stand head and shoulders above the norm. Stores are saturated with promoters who stand around with a mouth full of teeth.


CENTRE COURT PROMOTION mall promoter SHOPPING CENTRE PROMOTIONS centre court promoter BRAND AWARENESS promoter PROMOTIONS below the line marketing

A team of dedicated people from our Sales & Marketing team will brainstorm ideas for your campaign and the Operations team will ensure that it runs smoothly.Our close relationship with the centres ensures that you get the best exposure in the busiest area.Vendors required to make the campaign a success are contacted and booked. Centre-Court Promotions are an effective tool utilized to reach a large segment of the market across the spectrum.