Body Stress Release

By: BSR Bryanston  05-04-2012
Keywords: headache, lower back pain, Back Ache

The underlying premise of Body Stress Release is to release stored tension to optimise the body’s communication system, thereby stimulating the body to heal itself and maintain optimal health. How is it that such a simple technique has such consistent results? It’s as straight forward as a reflex test which gives a positive or negative response, which allows a very gentle stimulus, created with nothing more than a practitioners own thumbs, to create a cavitation that overrides a neurological mechanism governed by what is known as the “Gate control theory of pain”, whose author earned a Nobel prize in physiology for his work. There are comprehensive studies to show that this approach of working faster and gentler on the body has significantly better results than manually adjusting problematic areas, quite simply because this stimulus creates a communication that stimulates a cerebral response, rather than a spinal response that is prevented from getting any further by the “Gate control”, thus leading to far greater results in repair of the tissue that was discovered to be receiving aberrant, or faulty, nervous response from the brain previously. In short, the technique locates the sources of a given problem and allows a practitioner to gently and effectively stimulate the body to correct the problem by reinstating correct nervous communication. Though this might sound irrelevant, the implications are far reaching, all tissue requires functioning nervous communication to and from the brain in order to carry out its function; from muscles to organs to your lymphatic system. Without this communication, small problems can affect your body in unexpected and extreme ways.

Keywords: Back Ache, headache, lower back pain