Spray Tan

By: Allure Lashes  03-13-2011
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 The spray tan will last for 5-10 days, depending on the skin type and lifestyle of the person getting spray tanned. Spray Tan solutions contain DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) which reacts with the amino acids which are present in the outer layer of our skin.  

Bonza Bronz only uses the most refined DHA available to assure that the solution will not turn orange once applied.  

DHA is a sugar compound and it darkens the skin by mixing with the amino acids and producing a staining effect. You might not know that the cells on our skin are continuously regenerating. When fresh cells are formed, the spray tan naturally disappears and hence needs to be redone again if so chosen.  

Excess UV rays of the sun or the use of sun bed is not good for our skin, which is why spray tanning has today become a healthy alternative to getting that bronzed body many of us are searching to sport.  

Even the fairest skins, normally prone to burning in the sun, will turn golden brown without exposure to the suns harmful UV rays.

Keywords: Beauty, Lashes And Tan, Spray Tan,