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By: Td Administrative Services  11-11-2011

Survivor Plan is a life policy with one life assured and one beneficiary:


Death Benefit

In the event of a claim on the death of the life insured, R3 500,00 will be paid to FNB Trust Services in respect of the executor’s fees as a lump sum. The R3 500,00 will not necessarily be the same amount as the actual executor’s fee. In the case where the actual executor’s/administrator’s fee is more than the R3 500,00 lump sum, the outstanding fee will be recouped from your estate. A minimum fee of R3 500,00 will be payable to FNB Trust Services for their services rendered in administering the Estate as Executor.

Fixed Monthly Benefit

The selected monthly amount will be paid for 12 consecutive months to the surviving nominated beneficiary, in terms of the agreement, by FNB Trust Services. Should the nominated beneficiary be a minor, the monthly benefit will be paid to the minor’s legal guardian.

All amounts payable in terms of this contract will be paid in South African Rands, from or to a bank account held in South Africa.

What options of the fixed monthly benefit are available?

The selected monthly amount chosen will determine the premium payable:

Product (Level) Paid to FNB Trust to offset executors / administrators fees Monthly Benefit paid to beneficiary by FNB Trust Services for 12 months Monthly premium
1 (1) R 3,500.00 R 500.00 R20,00
2 (1) R 3,500.00 R 1,000.00 R28,00
3 (1) R 3,500.00 R 1,500.00 R36,00
4 (1) R 3,500.00 R 2,000.00 R44,00
5 (1) R 3,500.00 R 2,500.00 R52,00
6 (1) R 3,500.00 R 3,000.00 R60,00
5 (4) R 3,500.00 R 4,000,00 R76,00
5 (5) R 3,500.00 R 5,000,00 R92,00
5 (6) R 3,500.00 R 6,000,00 R108,00

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