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Call Centre

Whether in need of competent advice as to which component is best suited to your application, or alternatively, if you simply wish to place an order for any number of our quality products, our experienced Call Centre Consultants are at hand to assist you. Regular training interventions ensure that the knowledge of our staff is relevant and up to date with the latest technologies available from our diverse range of products. We realise the importance of providing the right advice first time. If unable to assist immediately, our consultant will be sure to quickly follow up your enquiry if more intricate technical aspects require investigation. Call our Johannesburg or Cape Town call centre for immediate service, or alternately, fax your enquiry for a swift written response.

Johannesburg Call Centre

Tel Enquiries: (011) 614 2004
Fax Enquiries: (011) 614 2077

Cape Town Branch

Tel Enquiries: (021) 511 1131
Fax Enquiries: (011) 614 2077

Durban Branch

Tel Enquiries: (031) 579 2232
Fax Enquiries: (031) 579 2823

Port Elizabeth Branch

Tel Enquiries: (041) 451 4115
Fax Enquiries: (086) 657 1942

Secunda Branch

Tel Enquiries: (017) 613 2236
Fax Enquiries: (017) 663 11753

Witbank Mpumalanga Branch

Tel Enquiries: (013) 656 2143
Fax Enquiries: (013) 656 2110

Hydraulic Repairs Centre

We have the capacity to repair a full spectrum of products throughout the hydraulic field including; variable and fixed displacement pumps, industrial valves, mobile valves, Staffa low speed torque motors, high speed motors, accumulators and many more. All repairs are carried out by qualified and experienced artisans, and carry the same comprehensive warrantee as our high quality manufactured products.

The only way to avoid problems down the line with hydraulic components in any system where high pressures and stresses and close tolerances are in play on a constant basis, is to employ only genuine spare parts, ensuring the integrity of the system as a whole. In respect of this Goldquest repairs are undertaken using only the highest quality genuine spare parts.

Accurate diagnosis of component failure and appropriate repair is only achieved through years of experience. Consequentially each repair follows strict ISO accredited works procedures that are based on this hard-earned experience, ensuring that the component is returned to maximum efficiency. Furthermore, our artisans benefit from training by the original equipment manufactures, guaranteeing an absolute understanding and intimate knowledge of the product they are working with.

Every repaired product is assessed by our testing facility, affording you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your equipment has passed BMG Hydraulics strictest performance standards.

Hydraulic Test Centre

BMG Hydraulics expertise comes into play once again when our expert technicians confidently assess the state of your equipment in our test centre, which is on a par with anything in South Africa. Our test facilities include:

  • 4 variable speed drive test bays, capable of testing vane, piston, gear and other pumps with power input requirements of up to 132kW
  • Full Dynamic Torque Testing of hydraulic motors up to 35 kiloNM of torque on our dynamic load cell, a capability unparalleled in South Africa
  • Complete CETOP valve testing facility
  • Pressure control testing
  • Flow Control Testing
  • Proportional control testing including integral electronics
  • Manifold block and cartridge valve test facility
  • Cylinder test facility capable of testing a wide range of sizes up to 1000 Bar working pressure
  • Accumulator shell testing

Test certificates are issued on request for component tested, affording you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your equipment has passed Goldquest’s strictest performance standards.

Project Engineering and Consulting

The pride of BMG Hydraulics , our projects department with its solutions driven approach is one of the most accomplished in Southern Africa. Our engineering team, whose combined experience runs into the decades, has assembled an impressive portfolio of success stories over the years involving some revolutionary projects.

The process begins with the scope of the project being accurately defined through extensive consultation with the client. Thereafter, the appropriate solution is devised by drawing on the collective expertise of the engineering team. Each solution is unique, and developed to exacting specifications using our sophisticated CAD technology. 3D "Solid modelling" allows us to present a virtual image of the design in our drawing office prior to manufacture, keeping the client informed of our progress, and providing added piece of mind.

Many people still associate hydraulics with a cylinder going up and down, but there is a lot more to hydraulics in this day and age. Technology and techniques have moved past the simple pump and cylinder stage and we are now seeing systems, integrated through the use of smart technologies, which are stretching the boundaries of traditional hydraulic design. Key to our success is the broad range of competencies manifested within the team. BMG Hydraulics engineers, due to their vast experience and varied backgrounds, have the ability to integrate different technologies, from Hydraulics and Pneumatics, to Electronics and Information Technology.

Mobile Service Workshop

We identify that unscheduled shutdowns as a result of system failure are a massive point of concern for any production- orientated business. Therefore the concept of the mobile service workshop was devised, to perform as a hydraulic ambulance. Travelling to you at a moments notice to get your system up and running again in the shortest time possible. The mobile service workshop is fitted with all the tools, spares and equipment necessary to perform the following functions:

  • Troubleshooting
  • On-site repairs
  • Installations and commissioning
  • System flushing
  • On-site fluid analysis (Draw down particle isolation and particle count)
  • Hose and pipe assembly

Fluid Analysis Service

An often over-looked, but critical element in any hydraulic or lubrication system is contamination control. The benefits of a system maintained through the use of high quality filtration equipment coupled with a regular sampling and testing programme can be measured in terms of increased performance and longevity of components. Ultimately these improvements reflect in lower maintenance costs.

BMG Hydraulics systemic approach to contamination control consists of three key steps that allow you to obtain and maintain the appropriate cleanliness level for your hydraulic or lubrication system.

  1. Determine the Target Cleanliness Level for the system
  2. Take Action to achieve the Target Cleanliness Level
  3. Monitor & Maintain Fluid Condition

Ascertaining the current state of your system fluid, as well as monitoring and maintaining fluid condition once corrective measures have been taken is made easy through Goldquest’s comprehensive Fluid Analysis Service.

Our laboratory is fully equipped to perform an exhaustive range of test procedures, specifically designed for the analysis of hydraulic and lubrication system fluid. The equipment in the lab is at the technological apex and is routinely calibrated to ensure that accuracy is verifiable.

Solid particulate contaminants are arguably the most common cause of failure in hydraulic components. Ensuring that particulate contamination is not a factor in the failure (catastrophic, intermittent, or degradation) of any component in your system, is the first step in creating a risk management envelope for the system. This test determines the level of particulate contamination in your system fluid through the use of an automatic particle counter. The automatic particle counter uses a high intensity laser light source coupled with a photo sensor. This actively counts the number and size of particles contained in a fluid sample. The quantitative results of the count are reported in a detailed particle size distribution table, sorted by size and quantity.

This quantitative data is then translated to produce an ISO 4406 cleanliness code for the sample (e.g. 18/16/14). The cleanliness code for the sample can then be compared against the cleanliness level recommended for the system.

Drawdown Particle Isolation Procedure

A derivative of analytical ferrology, the drawdown particle isolation procedure is the most accurate form of particle identification. This test determines the insoluble contaminates in the fluid. Particles and gel-like matter both organic and inorganic that are present in the sample are captured on the surface of a 0.8 micrometer filter membrane and identified by the analyst using an optical microscope. Type and size of particles are recorded and the findings are then detailed in the report supplied to the customer. High resolution photomicrographs of any contamination found in the sample (taken at 100X magnification) are submitted along with the written report as a visual reference.

Karl Fischer - Water-in-Oil Test (ASTM D4928 IP386)

The water-in-oil analysis determines the amount of water present in the fluid sample. Water inside a system will:

  • Corrode metal surfaces and attack bearing substrates
  • Cause instability of chemical additives in the lubricants
  • Increase oxidation and accelerate acid formation
  • Form emulsions
  • Reduce lubricity

Hence, ensuring that the amount of water in your hydraulic or lubricating fluid is within acceptable limits is crucial in ensuring the performance and longevity of your system.

The test is conducted in accordance with ASTM D4928, a reagent is added to a measured amount of the sample fluid and the resultant reaction allows the test equipment to detect and report the presence of water in the sample in parts per million (ppm). The result can then be compared against the limits deemed acceptable for the fluid.

Viscosity Test (ASTM D445/IP71)

The choice of hydraulic oil to be used requires careful consideration. Oils that are too thin may not provide effective lubrication, and oils that are too thick may give rise to excessive pressure.

Although a well designed new system will be equipped with fluid of the correct viscosity grade, changes in viscosity can and do occur for a number of reasons:

  • Adding top-up fluid that is of the wrong viscosity grade to the system can alter the viscosity of the fluid
  • Oxidation causes increases in viscosity
  • High solid contaminant levels can cause increases in viscosity
  • Sheer down of additives can result in viscosity decreases

Viscosity is tested according to ASTM D445 using a heated viscometer and the results are reported in centistokes (cSt).

Two measures are reported with each test:

  • Viscosity at 40oC (Heated)
  • Viscosity at 100oC (Corrected)

The results of this test can be compared against the viscosity specified for new oil by the manufacturer. The lab is equipped to test viscosities from 20 to 810 cSt.

Fluid Analysis Reports

The scientific data captured during these tests generates the most useful report possible on the condition of your system fluid. Although our scientific equipment and tests are highly advanced, your report is always easy to read and understand. By taking the mystery out of fluid analysis we provide a service that clearly explains the benefits of clean systems.

Fluid Cleanliness Target

The fluid results target gives a quick overview of the condition of the sample submitted. The target measures the following five critical areas of fluid condition:

  • 4 μ micron particles of contamination
  • 6 μ micron particles of contamination
  • 14 μ micron particles of contamination
  • Water content
  • Viscosity

When the marker is in the inner circle of the target, this represents "on-target" fluid condition. The second ring on the target represents marginal performance. The third ring on the target indicates the need to resample the fluid because of the possibility of a sampling error, and the last ring on the target indicates that immediate action is required as the fluid is severely contaminated. The BMG Hydraulics "Fluid Cleanliness Target" is a graphical way of understanding whether or not the fluid sample is meeting its target cleanliness level.

Trend analysis

The results of each analysis performed in our laboratory are stored on a database. Trend information is then provided with each successive report which indicates:

  • The degree of improvement if corrective measures have been taken
  • Alerts the customer of any sudden spikes in contamination levels, providing an early warning if the cleanliness level of the system is found to be deteriorating

Trend data is supplied for the following key indicators:

  • Particle Count
  • Water-in-oil
  • Viscosity


There are many oil analysis labs out there, and many proclaimed filtration specialists. But a report is useless without knowing how to correct any problem areas identified without adversely affecting the workings of the system. We believe only Goldquest has the ideal combination of expertise in contamination control, fluids and hydraulic engineering to provide you with the correct advise, first time. Your report contains recommended steps from our engineers based on decades of experience in maintaining hydraulic systems. Customers enjoy added piece of mind, knowing that the information contained in the report is from one of the fluid power industry’s most credible sources.

Whether you have a small operation with few hydraulic systems, or a large organisation with hefty maintenance expenditure, we have a fluid analysis package available to suit your consumption patterns. Ultra clean sampling kits are available from our call centre.

For more information about our Fluid Analysis Service, please find our contact details below.

Cylinder Design and Manufacture

Another area in which BMG Hydraulics has carved out a name in South African industry is in the design and fabrication of first-rate hydraulic cylinders. BMG Hydraulics has built this reputation cylinder by cylinder for decades, creating hydraulic masterpieces upon which the industry is built. All cylinders are designed and produced from start to finish by BMG Hydraulics ISO accredited Cylinder Design and Manufacture Department. Starting with computer assisted design and advanced 3D modeling, and progressing right up to fabrication, where our experienced and highly qualified artisans make use of the highest quality imported honed barrels and chromed bars.

Unlike the majority of South African manufacturers, BMG Hydraulics does not use peeled steel bars that are linished, flash chromed and polished. All our bars are ground and plated with micro cracked chrome. The roundness, straightness and corrosion resistance of these bars is infinitely superior to any locally produced bars. Goldquest cylinder tubes are cold drawn steel DIN ST 52 BK+S (stress relieved) manufactured in accordance with DIN 2391-C (seamless). The tubes are straight within 0,5 : 1000 mm with an I.D. tolerance of H8.

What sets BMG Hydraulics apart in our manufacturing capabilities is the use of high-speed CNC lathes, which facilitates high speed, repeatability and accuracy. As well as our high-spec facilities, which enable us to produce customized cylinders of any size.

Cylinder Repair and Testing

We are also engaged in the refurbishment of cylinders, which are subsequently tested by our test facility to ensure quality and reliability. The BMG Hydraulics cylinder department boasts a staff compliment with decades of experience in cylinder repair and design evaluation. Chronic cylinder problems are normally the result of inadequate initial design and/or incorrect prior repair.

Our engineers will quickly identify the root cause of chronic cylinder leaks and other plant failures. If your plant or equipment requires regular overhaul, please call our cylinder department for assistance. Our advice is offered free of obligation, and like all areas of BMG Hydraulics, we pride ourselves on fast turnaround times. BMG Hydraulics design and supply special purpose cylinders to suit customer requirements, these include, but are not limited to the following:

  • High-pressure cylinders with operating pressures up to 70 Mpa
  • Multi stage telescopic rams, both single and double acting
  • Constant velocity telescopic rams
  • Heavy duty mill type cylinders
  • Low friction - high speed cylinders
  • Belleville spring actuated hydraulic release clamp cylinders

Standard Cylinders

The new BMG Hydraulics GQ2 series standard cylinder range is detailed within the catalogue. The range has been designed for use in industrial and mobile applications with operating pressures to 25 Mpa.

For additional information on any of our cylinder products, please find our contact details below.

Telephone: (011) 614 2004
Fax: (011) 614 2033

Manifold Design and Manufacture

More than half a century of experience has honed BMG Hydraulics manifold design and manufacture department into one of the most technically advanced facilities to be found in the continent. Complete end-to-end service from initial design to the finished product all takes place in-house using Computer Assisted Design and Manufacture (CAD & CAM).

Our sophisticated 3D "solid" modeling technique means that both interior and exterior dimensions of the manifold can be viewed in a virtual environment prior to fabrication. The advantage being that any potential flaws in the design can be identified and amended to the client’s specifications prior to manufacture.

Milling and machining takes place in our highly advanced CNC machining centres. In addition to the high quality finishes produced by this machinery, accuracy and repeatability in high volume runs is also ensured by the CAM process.

BMG Hydraulics manifolds are fabricated with quality assured Durabar steel plate imported from the USA, and because all fabrication takes place on our premises, complete control over quality is exercised through our ISO accredited works procedures. This degree of control over quality is to our knowledge unparalleled in Southern Africa. All our quotations are provided free of obligation and like all areas of BMG Hydraulics, we pride ourselves on fast turnaround times.

Engaging BMG Hydraulics projects department could be the key to unlocking a strategic advantage in your industry.

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