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By: VitaFlow  05-07-2014
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Hypnosis is a trance-like state; and everyone has the ability to go into trance. The reality is that Hypnosis or Trance is a natural state and every single person slips into trance many times per day. We go into trance when we become absorbed in reading a book, using our computers, driving or watching television. During Hypnosis you are guided into a state of profound relaxation, which then allows you to unlock the door to your powerful subconscious mind, enabling you to make deep and long-lasting changes that benefit you in every way. In this state of trance, suggestion is most powerful because the resistant and over-analytical mind is bypassed. Our subconscious mind takes suggestion literally, and is super-concentrated. Who is in control? You are. You cannot be controlled while in the state of Hypnosis. In fact, you are safer in this state than in your normal waking state, since your awareness is so much more acute. You cannot be manipulated while in Hypnosis; that is a complete myth. You have total control - the hypnotist is purely a guide. If you do not want to accept the suggestion, you will not do so! You are so much in control that you will not even reveal what you had for breakfast if you do not wish to! Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon; it is most pleasant and incredibly relaxing. While in Hypnosis, you are able to open your eyes, and speak easily. Hypnosis is 100% safe, no harm can befall you.

Keywords: Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnosis, lose weight, Personal Development, Quantum Touch, Stop Smoking, weight loss, weight management

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My name is Maryke Blom and I have a passion for people. I love helping those in need. I’m convinced that people are capable of achievements they consider impossible even in their wildest dreams. I am living proof of the fact that we can overcome whatever it is that keeps us from growing to our full potential. I have the following qualifications: Quantum Touch, levels one and two. Certified Hypnotist. Master EFT practitioner. Qualified NLP practitioner. Qualified Emotrance practitioner.