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By: Watcrete  11-11-2011

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Blocks with their aesthetical rock-face finish allow for structural freedom. Blocks are hollow inside and allow for hidden reinforcement, eliminating the use of grey concrete lintels over openings. This allows for very neat structures with no concrete visible, only attractive face block work.

This product is chosen for luxury homes and various Community projects creating structures that are sustainable, durable, appropriate and contributory.

This rustic rough textured elements, consistent with a natural rugged aesthetic or complimented by sleek smooth textured elements is indicative of our current linear paradigm.

The extensive range of Watson masonry products allows the achievement of unusual structures with both flexibility and dynamism contributing to the creation of harmonious symphony between color and texture. They are cost effective, versatile and low in maintenance.

The use of block work indicates the death of the prescriptive old and the birth of the dynamic new paradigm.