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By: Scooters Pizza  11-11-2011

As you may be aware, Scooters Pizza, a Proudly South African company, have been committed to improving the lives of South Africans for the past six years, through our Tasty. inventions, Hot. pizzas and Fast. delivery.

What you may not be aware of, is our ongoing commitment to sharing this passion, as well as educating and uplifting the children in our community.

In 2001, Scooters Pizza launched the first Whizzkid Week. In the 8 years since its inception, hundreds kids have been hosted by the Scooters Pizzas nationwide every year, during the week leading up to Youth Day.

The concept is simple - the kids come in to the store, where they learn a bit about the colourful history of pizza, before they are taken on a working tour of the back stage areas of the stores. This is where the kids learn about the hygiene and cleanliness involved in food storage and preparation, as well as the nutritional benefits of fresh food and filtered water.

Then the fun really begins!

The little ones craft their own delicious pizzas under the supervision of the generous Scooters Pizza staff, and leave with branded bibs, rulers, colouring sheets and certificates, as well as a scrumptious taste in their mouths and the memory of a fun filled day with the Scooters Pizza