By: Reca's Electrical And Mechanical Specialists  11-11-2011

• Source and Supply

One aspect of the business is to provide our customer with all the equipment for their plant automation and maintenance requirements.  In this regard we can source and supply the following:

- ALLEN BRADLEY – Control and automation products and drives
- CUTTlER HAMMER – Standard products, automation and drives
- OMROM – Control and automation products and drives
- CAS – Load cells and load cell indicators
- WEIDMULLER terminals, boxes and interface electronics.
- SEW motors and drives
- Silo’s catering for all requirement
- Karoo type batching plants and all ancillary equipment
- Conveyor systems

• Upgrade and Retrofit

A Common assessment is that customers are required to upgrade machinery as a result of high maintenance cost   and   loss of productivity.  We therefore offer viable solutions by upgrading and retrofitting existing technology with   more   effective components thereby promoting efficiency and increasing productivity. 

• Design and Manufacture

We specialize in designing and manufacturing machines, for construction, materials handling, foundries ect.    Established partnerships with suppliers and services providers enable us to create innovative, effective and   economical   viable solutions.

• C.O.C (Certificate of Compliance)

- We specialize in factory and domestic installations and repair.
- Upgrading and extensions of existing installations
- All aspects of factory maintenance
- All HT and LT reticulation and repair.

• Crane Services

- Repairs on all makes of cranes
- Service and maintenance
- Refurbishment and; new installations
- Load testing

• Transformers

- Services
- Oil purification
- Sales and maintenance

• Factory/Plant Automation

Installing and upgrading automation has become a necessity to stay ahead in the demanding productivity and   efficiency   to remain competitive.  We therefore offer a full service on factory automation, from fault finding, upgrading   to  turnkey   automation solutions catering from control to MES systems.

• Installation and commissioning

We can offer a full installation and commissioning service from industrial applications to site establishment and   plant   erection.  All electrical work is certified by a registered master installation electrician, and is carried out by   experienced   staff.  An established partnerships and in-house expertise allows us access to specialized   mechanical services ranging   from fabrication to plant commissioning.

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