"I was not on the phone, just looking for it!"

By: A B C of Driving  06-03-2011
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It was 8 o'clock on a very cold Monday morning . . . .

Our student (I will not give your name ok Rita? . . . Oops, sorry !) stopped at the red robot like she's supposed to. While doing her observations and luckily with her foot still on the brake, she started screaming, “there is no one driving ! “
My instructor, who was quite bewildered by this, immediately realized what was going on.
As she looked up into her rearview mirror, (we do have rearview mirrors on the passenger side as well), saw it coming!  

The vehicle from behind had no intention of slowing down or stopping. As a matter of fact, according to our instructor and student, it appeared as if now one was behind the steering wheel !  

As the vehicle from behind bumped into our vehicle, suddenly a head popped up.
It was he face of a young blond lady, very confused, shocked and in disbelieve.  

Our student and my instructor got out of our vehicle, and walked up to the lady behind. Half hysterical, she was holding onto her cell phone and all she could mumble was, “I was not on the phone, I was only looking for it”  
Needless to say, she was so busy looking for the ringing cell phone in her handbag, she never saw our vehicle at the robot (even with all our signs on as visible as ever!), or the red robot itself!  

Likely, no one got seriously injured.
A few bumps and scratches and some whip lash. Also, add 1 very unhappy father.
The vehicles, Unfortunately I can not say the same for them.
But, I guess that’s what safety belts and our very expensive insurance cover is for.  

I have to say, and I do apologize my dear student and instructor, but I’m very glad you were there at the right place at the right time. Imagine she went over the red robot.
That could have caused a VERY BAD accident, especially in peak hour traffic on a very busy road !  

Please people, if the phone rings while you are driving, just ignore it. You can all ways phone the person back once you are at you destination.  

It was quite a laugh “I wasn’t on the phone, just looking for it”

Ja, right, that helps !   That’s what she told her furious father as well when he pitched up and she’s sticking to it!

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