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By: Body Frequency Alignment  04-16-2014
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Body Frequency Alignment is a complementary healing modality that incorporates both body and mind. It is a combination of a few healing and relaxation techniques, but is also based on and incorporates contemporary scientific understanding. The technique involves you ‘becoming a drum’ as the therapists works with gentle percussive movements on the back, neck, back of the legs, feet and arms. These percussive movements are done to a musical percussion back track, that is listened to on headphones. The percussive movements focus on specific meridian lines and acupressure points. The music that is listened to has been meticulously designed, encouraging the brain to go into a more relaxed brain wave state, much the same way as classical baroque music has shown to aid in studying, by relaxing the brain, into the theta state. Because the body is experiencing the rhythms being played on it, at exactly the same tempo as the back track, a synch of body and mind is brought about. It can be related to the euphoria that many long distance runners experience, when running for extended periods of time. Once you are in this relaxed mental state, the body is more receptive to acupressure. The concept was originally designed as a relaxation aid but, having worked with a multitude of people with different ailments, we have had some rather remarkable results. - Migraine and tension headache sufferers have found that their headaches ease up considerably, with many of them saying that their headaches have gone completely. - People with lower lumbar pain have reported that their pain is much less, after a session of Body Frequency Alignment - Insomnia sufferers find that they are able to get to sleep much easier after a session, with some saying the effect has lasted quite a few days after the actual session - It has shown to increase blood flow and to assist in lymph drainage - People find a much greater mental focus and feeling of well-being - BFA has shown to help release pinched and trapped nerves - It is a great aid in stress management N.B. We do not make any medical claims. What is listed here are just a few examples of results that we have had, through the use of Body Frequency Alignment

Keywords: Complementary Health, Holistic Healing, Holistic Health, Natural Healing

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