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By: La Rouge Burlesque Dance & Fitness  06-18-2013
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La Rouge Burlesque Dance & Fitness offers the following fun and exhilarating fitness classes for women of all skill and fitness levels. Release Your Inner Goddess by joining us today for the most exciting and sexiest workout you will ever experience. BENEFITS of FITNESS CLASSES Improves Self-Confidence Total Body Workout Promotes Weightloss & Encourages a Healthier BMI Enhances Muscle Tone & Flexibility Increases Stamina & Strength Improves Core Strength & Body Posture Encourages Body Awareness Inspires Rhythm & Co-ordination Its new, it’s exciting, it’s a phenomenal full body workout! Introduce your body to new movements and be rewarded with total body confidence. A high energy Pole Basix dance workout will encourage full body engagement and guarantee the results all women long for. The Pole Basix class will focus on motivating and energising woman to be strong, fit and sexy. Pole Trix Take Pole Basix to the next level with our Pole Trix advanced class. Intense pole fitness and advanced pole movements will satisfy your addiction to pole dancing and boost your body confidence physically and mentally. The focus of Pole Trix is not only to improve body strength and fitness through advanced movements but also to demonstrate the art of pole fluidity. Pole Poise Accentuate your inner goddess with Pole Poise. The focus of Pole Poise is not pole trix but rather to demonstrate and perfect sexy pole dance movements and ultimately improve dance fluidity. Pole Poise will therefore encourage the release of your inner confidence and sensuality. Looking and feeling fabulous is key to sensual pole dance movements therefore strictly stilettos and your most confident look is required. Flirty Fitness Forever fit and fabulous! Created from modern dance, we have spiced up your fitness and initiated a daringly sexy, high energy, full body workout, dance class. Flirty Fitness will focus on toning all areas from tip to toe and shaping your body and confidence for life. This is by far the most exciting and exhilarating form of fitness and most definitely the best suited for all women of all ages and all curves. Burlesque Fitness Burlesque Fitness introduces an electrifying full body dance workout exploding with energy that intensifies both movement sensuality and fitness stamina. The Focus is to introduce extravaganza props to allow you to explore the wild side of burlesque, the energy of sexy and the confidence of flirty fitness. Aerial Dance Much like Pole Dancing, Aerial Dance is a uniquely captivating form of art! However, this is no ordinary swing on a pole, wrapping and intertwining the fabric silks around your body requires strength and grace. Through Aerial Dance you will encourage upper body strength, core engagement and both physical and mental endurance. Body Tite Classes This is a new Total Intense Toning Exercise! Tighten and firm up your entire body and all stubborn areas with an intense deep muscle toning fitness class that will leave your heart pounding and wanting more. Small group classes will guarantee individual attention from the Instructor insuring that movements are executed correctly and therefore maximising desired results. Classes are available to all students regardless of your fitness level. Stretch & Posture Classes Stretching is a very important part of exercise as we release not only the stresses of our overworked bodies but also of our mind. We offer a variety of different techniques in stretch classes that will help correct your posture and deepen your stretch, all the while encouraging core activation and deep breathing. This class will also advance your flexibility, further improving your fluidity in all the other classes offered by La Rouge.

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