By: von Bruun  06-23-2014
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Founding members, Tiaan de Bruyn and Nardi van Zijl, established Von Bruun from a desire to design better quality and more eco-conscience buildings, using modern alternative building methods. Our combined design experience spans nearly two decades with over 1000 completed projects. This includes Architectural and Structural Designs, ranging from single family homes to 3 story apartment blocks and shopping centers. Over and above the South African market, Von Bruun also service clients in Mozambique, New Zealand, Australia, Botswana, Angola, Zambia and Namibia. Clients and end users include:  Vodacom  Ok Stores  Cashbuild  ekoSTYL (Kyknet TV Show)  Old Apostolic Church  Knights Property Group (New Zealand)  Trysome (Mozambique)  Corricraft  BestDrive  Afriski  Lafarge  Besa Bank (Angola)  Unibisco (Zambia)  Global Africa (Namibia)  Brights Hardware  Heraeus Electronite  B & E International  Residential (SA Homeowners magazine - Going Green Electronic edition) Von Bruun understands there isn’t a "one size fits all" approach to achieve significant energy savings. Energy demand can only be reduced through a complete system analysis – one which evaluates how all the components of a building (including insulation, light fixtures, orientation, climate, and occupancy) work synergy to reduce the building’s overall energy demand. Our proprietary predictive modeling tool establishes our baseline design for different climates and building types. This model is then adjusted based on specific client needs to achieve an optimized design that creates the right balance between energy performances, user comfort and project cost. In the future, all buildings will be built this way. The time to lead is now.

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