Suppliers of Steel Wire and Accessories, Chain Products and ELD Lifting Equipment, South Africa

By: Umholi  11-11-2011
Keywords: Rigging, Lifting Equipment, Steel Wire Rope

Services and Rentals

Our staff has over 60 years experience in the Lifting and Rigging Field herefore we offer the following services:

  • On Site Quarterly Lifting Inspections

  • On Site Socketing and Splicing

  • On Site Proof Loading

  • Proof Loading of all Steel Wire Rope

  • Proof Loading of all Chain and Webbing Slings

  • Repairs to Chain Hoist, Lever Hoists and Tirfors

  • EMT - Electro Manortic Test

  • NDT - Non Destractive Test

  • Safety Seminars

  • Wire Rope Installation Services

  • Rentals of Tirfors, Chain Blocks and Lever Blocks

For the ports and crane industry Umholi manufactures customized:

  • Spreader slinging or chain systems (which have a longer life expectancy than wire ropes)

  • Off centre rigging for heavy lifts

  • Safety cage slinging operate chain rigging

  • General use lifting slings, Bottom Blocks, Hooks and Shackles

  • Steel Wire Rope Slings

  • Chain Slings

  • Webbing and Endless Round Slings

Umholi supplies a second-to-none Health/Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) policy whereby it renders to the ports and lifting industries:

  • Safety Seminars

  • Inspection Services and Proof Loading

  • Wire Rope Installation Services

All our products are supplied with a test certificate underwritten by:



Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority



Lifting Machinery Inspection



Lifting Machinery Equipment



Lifting Equipment Engineering Association of South Africa



South African Scales Company, Accurately Measuring

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