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Keywords: Water Treatment Chemicals

   Acetylacetone Acetylacetone General Info: Product Name: 2,4-Pentanedione Synonyms: Acetylacetone;ACAC; Acetoacetone; Acetylacetonate; Acetyl 2-propanone; Diacetylmethane; Pentan-2,4-dione; 2,4-Pentanedione; Pentanedione-2,4  CAS RN.: 123-54-6 EINECS: 204-634-0 Molecular Weight: 100.1158 Molecular Formula: C5H8O2 Acetylacetone specifications: ITEM   TOP GRADE  STANDARD Appearance  Colorless  Colorless Transparent Liquid  Transparent Liquid Contents %  99.8Min  99.5Min Acid Contents (by Acetic acid)%  0.1Max  0.15Max 2,4-Hexanedione % 0.01Max  0.02Max Moisture %  0.1Max  0.15max Density(20℃)g/cm3  0.970-0.975   High Boilers % 0.1Max  0.15Max Evaporation Residue %  0.01Max  0.01max Color(Pt-Co)  20Max  30Max Refractive index  1.450±0.002 Acetylacetone Use: Acetylacetone is used for synthesizing heterocycles (isoxazoles, pyrazoles, pyrimidines, pyridines etc).Acetylacetone is also used  for preparation of metal acetylacetonates as catalysts Production of anti-corrosion preparations Its peroxide is used as radical initiator for polymerisations Intermediate for drugs (e.g. Sulfamethazine, Nicarbazine) Synthesis of vitamin B6 and vitamin K ,Intermediate for pesticides . Acetylacetone Package:200Kg drums.

Keywords: Water Treatment Chemicals

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