Now our entire Operation is In-House

Now our entire Operation is In-House from MicroStep SA

By: MicroStep SA  04-05-2016
Keywords: Stainless Steel, automation, Machine Tools

AgriCAD is situated in Pretoria and was originally founded as a design company in 2001 where they were involved in designs for the Transport and Agricultural sector. When Paul Pretorius, the current MD joined Agricad in 2009 it was converted into a manufacturing company. Their focus remains the Southern African Agricultural Market where they continually strive to use modern manufacturing practices and drawings. Through this input they have managed to constantly develop ranges of products. AgriCAD products are sold throughout South Africa as well as in the Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Nigeria etc. Agricad has been experiencing tremendous growth over the years but wanted that extra edge added to their manufacturing process. They were facing challenges of having to outsource the first part of their production process, where they need to manufacture the parts for their products. This was costing them extra time as well as extra money and was adding some frustration to the entire process. If they were going to change this situation they needed machines that could bring their entire production under one roof. This is where MicroStep SA comes into play. Paul Pretorius approached Ludwig Oellermann of MicroStep SA and advised what challenges they were facing. Ludwig suggested a MSF Fiberlaser Cutting Machine: 4000mm x 2000mm with a 2.5kW Fiberlaser Source as well as a Deratech Press Brake: Ultima 170 ton, 4100mm. AgriCad is now able to manufacture the parts for the first process of production with the MicroStep Fiberlaser Cutting Machine and then take it through to the next process with the Deratech Press Brake. The purchase of these two machines has benefitted AgriCad both financially and timeously, as they are able to do everything in-house and manufacture more due to saving 2 weeks on their production process. Their customer is now happier because instead of 6 weeks, he now only waits 4 weeks for his product. Paul Pretorius says that they are now running a lean cost effective manufacturing plant and because of all the financial and as well as time savings the MicroStep Fiberlaser Cutting Machine, as well as the Deratech Press Brake will pay themselves off in no time. When asked why Paul chose the MicroStep machine over other suppliers, he advised that MicroStep offered a more cost effective package in the long run and quality wise the Fiberlaser Cutting Machine was more superior to other suppliers. It was also the mannerism in which the entire sales process was handled. He says he felt confident in MicroStep’s ability as a company. When asked how he felt when the Fiberlaser Cutting Machine and Press Brake were commissioned, Paul Pretorius from Agricad stated: “I felt excited, there was an excitement throughout the entire company. We felt that now we could start looking forward to change, not having to rely on anybody else for that specific manufacturing process. A piece of mind that everything going forth would be controlled in-house.”

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