GESMEX Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers

By: HGF Plate Heat Exchangers  04-03-2013
Keywords: Maintenance Services, Marine, Pharmaceutical

GESMEX has also re-engineered the Plate & Shell concept in parallel to this and in day to day client use, GESMEX provides the highest levels of reliability.

GESMEX is certified as a manufacturer according to the European Pressure Vessel Directive. GESMEX heat exchangers can be used in many different applications in nearly all industries. They heat, evaporate, cool and condense a lot of different media in all kinds of process plants.

GESMEX offers solutions for:

  • Chemical Industry
  • Petro Chemistry
  • Oil & Gas Production
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Fossil & Nuclear Power
  • Bio Energy
  • Marine
  • Paper & Steel


XPS Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers consist of two separate pressure sections, one consists of a plate pack made from corrugated plates which are welded together alternately at the circumference or port holes. The other consists of a shell tube which can be fully welded on both sides or as one-sided/two-sided openable model.

XPS heat exchangers are available with three different corrugation patterns:

  • Plates with a flat corrugation angle (H plates) allow high heat transfer rates caused by a highly turbulent flow.
  • Plates with a steep corrugation angle (L plates) are used in applications which have to be optimized for pressure loss.
  • In gas/gas applications or in slightly contaminated media plates with a greater channel cross-section (G plates) are used.

Further to this, the welding configuration of these units can be provided as follows:

  • Fully welded 
  • Accessible from one side 
  • Accessible from both sides 

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