Xena Analoque (LCR)

Xena Analoque (LCR) from BUSIRAKS

By: BUSIRAKS  10-12-2009
Keywords: telecommunication, Cost Routing, Router

The Xena was developed to reduce the interconnect costs on analogue lines. With the Xena all calls are routed optimally, staying within a network for as long as possible. This is referred to as LCR (least cost router)
The Xena’s least cost routing, routes both GSM and fixed line calls optimally, radically reducing call cost.
The Xena can be used in conjunction with a PABX, but works just as well stand alone.
The Xena can also be Thus giving you the option of putting two Xena’s on smaller sites, linked to the SIM Server. A client is added (with two on site SIMs for backup) to communicate with the server.

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