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By: Box Boyz  11-11-2011
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Essentially, a corrugated box is used to ship goods from one point to another or as a storage container. Whether carrying small appliances, automobile parts, or food products, the box has to be strong and durable enough for the job at hand.

What is corrugated? Everybody's seen it.. just think of pizza boxes, or the big boxes that hold new refrigerators and televisions. Corrugated is built like a sandwich - characteristic arches of wavy "fluting" lying between two pieces of smooth board on the outside.
Corrugated is made from a renewable resource - a large percentage of corrugated material is sourced from by products of the lumber industry (chips, shavings, sawdust).
Old corrugated boxes can be recycled many times to make new corrugated boxes and/or recycled paperboard.

    Corrugated allows for direct printing of high-quality, colour graphics (with non-toxic, water-based inks) to "advertise" the product or company’s message.
Corrugated is used to produce rigid shipping containers that can be cut and folded into any shape or size. "Flute" sizes and thicknesses can be customized to meet specific requirements of strength and flexibility.
Corrugated packaging is inexpensive and always readily available. Its light weight, "knock down" ability and stack ability makes for inexpensive and easy-to-transport options.
Corrugated is impact, drop and vibration-resistant, as well as lightweight yet durable enough to withstand the rigors of transporting products over long distances.
Corrugated is a strong, versatile packaging material that is universally accepted for recovery and recycling, while being "environmentally friendly."
Corrugated unique "cushioning" and flexibility characteristics make corrugated an ideal packaging material
Corrugated is not confined to the manufacture of boxes (shipping containers). Its incredible strength, flexibility and adaptability allows it to be used to make a wide variety of commodities, from merchandising displays to corrugated pallets that can support up to several tons of product.
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