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By: Tel-Screw Products (Pty) Ltd  07-06-2011
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Nuts and bolts of manufacturing   Understanding the properties of fasteners used in manufacturing and construction industries is a task most often left up to design engineers who may spend hours pouring over the options available to them while calculating the requirements and considering the cost.   Thanks to the global village that we find ourselves in the fasteners are most often imported by distributors and the same designers need to make use of on-line catalogues or the word of a salesman to identify the requirement.   Even on mission-critical applications such as power generation where the failure of a single bolt can bring an entire grid down, or fall into a reactor, for example, it is impossible to test each imported piece to ensure it is to specification.  In such instances, it is advisable to partner with companies that specialise in the manufacture of fasteners to required specifications from the design stage.   Options   As is often the case, some manufacturers pay little attention to fasteners and, worst case, regard them as an after thought once the design has been completed.  If we go back to a by-gone era when the old saying “getting down to the nuts and bolts” indicated a time when manufacturers started a project by specifying the fasteners we are reminded of an era when items were engineered, not just produced.   Although, at face value, choosing the right fastener is a matter of getting the right diameter, length and thread right, it is not so simple.  Manufacturers must find out if dissimilar materials will react with each other to cause erosion, strength, corrosion, expansion and contraction and a host of other properties.   When you consider the above it is clear that specifying the right fastener is not so simple. If you are going to go to the trouble of properly specifying the right fastener it pays to make sure that the fasteners you buy are manufactured in a plant where quality and standards are adhered to - always.   Impressive local operation   “Advanced Materials Today” recently visited a company on the East Rand that has earned a reputation for manufacturing quality fasteners on local soil.  Tel-Screw Products has been at it for over 40 years, but until recently never earned the accolades that it so richly deserves.   That is because local distributors are increasingly importing products from suppliers in the East and fluctuating quality has become a major concern.  With cheap imports common in the market manufacturers are finding failures among them caused by fluctuating quality or in some instances where properties do not match the spec sheet.   Now, with manufacturing reputations or even lives at stake, the role of the humble fastener is coming increasingly into the spotlight. Leaders of manufacturing, assembly and even construction companies are demanding a return to good old fashioned engineering principals.   Who do you turn to?   The answer is to buy fasteners from manufacturers that certify their products to local and international quality standards.  Tel-Screw, for example, is ISO accredited and applies the standard down to even the smallest made to order job.  It guarantees that you get what you are paying for and although it cannot compete with cheap import pricing, its factory is, as a result of its high quality, working hard to keep up with orders.   “While some distributors have turned their backs on local manufacturers this has been an unexpected boom for us and we have been inundated with calls from companies that are yearning for the quality and flexibility that we offer.   “Cheap imports have a surprisingly good effect on our business because there is definitely a migration back to assured quality.  As a result we have got many new customers,” says Charmaine De Bruyn, Tel-Screw Products’ general manager.   Fiercely South African   She says that the company is 100% local and will never import products to satisfy a call for cheap fasteners.  Everything that you buy at Tel-Screw Products is manufactured locally, even the tooling required to cast or thread products is designed and made in-house.   “As a result we do not compete with distributors who stock the run-of-the-mill type of fasteners that can be imported in bulk and sold at half the cost of the raw materials we would require to make it.   “We prefer to service those sectors of the market that require specialised solutions, whether it be for specialised engineering or exotic materials, or even one-off small production runs,” adds Charmaine.   In the factory   However, one-offs and small production runs do not equate to a small battling business.  Quite contrary, Tel-Screw Products is thriving.  The company has bought-up neighbouring properties in the light industrial area at a steady pace to make room for more production lines.   In fact, Lorna Road in Boksburg North may as well be called Tel-Screw Products Road as the company has developed on both sides of the road and spans nearly the length of the block.  The factory reflects a company that has grown over the last 40 years with a mix of old and new - from ancient threading machines to modern CNC machines and robotic welders.   Owner, Ronnie Teleng, has invested in machinery that can manufacture almost any fastener, stud, caps, clamps, base-plates, straps, stays or threaded steel.  He prides himself on the business’s motto that “they will make anything, except half of something” when it comes to fasteners.   Progressive and caring   “When you are dealing in the customised or specialty market you have to care about the outcome and make sure that the customer is kept happy, otherwise they might as well go somewhere else,” Charmaine points out.   The lady at the helm is a good example of the way the business is run and of the caring spirit.  She is meticulous and detail driven, but maintains the caring and nurturing side that suits the customers perfectly.   However, she is not a softy and as we walk around the factory she has no problem dipping her hand into greasy trays to retrieve a nut or bolt to show us the craftsmanship involved.  Her transformation from corporate businesswoman to artisan is quite astonishing and as a qualified tradesman in plating and structural steelwork she slips right into the role.     Business sense   It is this type of connection that makes Tel-Screw Products stick out. They can “talk the talk” and walk the walk.  The management side of the business understands the importance of relationships because they are all technically qualified and business driven.   The tour of the factory was enlightening in more ways than one.  It proved that some manufacturers refuse to be bowed by price pressure to import cheap products and are fiercely loyal to the local market.  In addition, that companies like these hold a wealth of experience that would be sad to lose for the sake of saving a few Rand on fasteners.   Tel-Screw Products’ experience goes back three generations from Ronnie’s father Frank Teleng who founded the business, to Ronnie and his driven attitude to provide locally manufactured solutions for quality fasteners and finally to his son, Anro, who has run the factory for the last 4 years.   Tel-Screw Products is proof that local is not only lekker, but quality driven, with a focus on supporting the local manufacturing industry.   Standard products   3 mm – 72 mm thread (metric and imperial) in the following materials: Mild steel High tensile steel Brass Copper Stainless steel   Customised rods, threads, fasteners and stays can be made to requirements.  

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