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By: Polebatics t/a Body Mind Blairgowrie  09-28-2010
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Come and join us for lots of fun and benefits!

Sculpt and tone, engage your female intuition and build confidence while having extreme fun by learning the art of sensual fitness and pole dance with fellow students seeking to achieve a better life style in conjunction with looking and feeling healthier, fit and sexy.

Our Studio is equipped with Swiss balls, Yoga mats and weights and we incorporate Pilates and Yoga in our warm up and toning exercises to tone and sculpt specific muscles that enhance the female anatomy. These exercises also prepare your body for pole dance.

Sensual fitness incorporates dance technique on chairs and floor further developing strength and building confidence and sexiness while having loads of fun.

Pole work has three levels i.e. Beginner; Intermediate and Advanced, so you will have an opportunity to develop at your own level and pace. Build a gymnastic body and add the flow of sensual dance to create magic and fun.

For some added fun and entertainment for your special friends, family or colleagues, we offer you the following:

Learn the seductive art of lap dancing or the tempting technique of pole dancing.
We specialize in making your event entertaining, informative and fun. All you need to do is get your friends together and we will do the rest.
We have a selection of parties to choose from:

  • Pole dancing
  • Lap dancing
  • Combination of any above
This is what some of our girls have to say:


I spent most of 2009 at the physiotherapist trying to get rid of pain in my shoulder that kept me up at night and interfered with my daily activities.  The pain was caused by poor posture that caused nerves in my shoulder to get pinched.  The physiotherapy together with assigned exercises only helped alleviate a  bit of the pain and I thought that it would be something I would have to live with for the rest of my life.

When winter was looming around the corner I was looking for a fun way to stay in shape that would keep me toned and inspired.  And what can be more fun than pole dancing!  I always judge the effectiveness of an exercise class by looking at the trainer and  seeing Janine I knew I was in the right place. Dressing up in hot pants scared me more than anything, but it wasn’t 5 minutes into the class and I felt right at home.  All the girls are so supportive and the atmosphere is relaxed. Before long I was doing moves I never thought possible and now I cannot wait to go each week. As the weeks went by my back muscles developed so much that they actually corrected my posture and now my shoulder pain is a thing of the past.   

Pole dancing has improved the standard of my life so much!!

- Nicky Odendaal


The sensual fitness and pole dacing classes have been really great for me. I have felt stiff in muscles I never knew existed, but it has been great. I feel fitter and more comfortable with my body as well. All the ladies in the classes are lovely and everyone is always so welcoming and friendly. Janine is also great and really encourages you and give s you the confidence to do the new moves, even the basic ones.

I would definatly recommend any women to give it a try!

- Natasha Otte


Never think that you are too old to have fun.  I started coming to sensual fitness and pole with my daughter as she dosn't have her licence yet.  As a 60 year old mum I enjoy my weekly sensual fitness workouts/pole dancing and can see the changes in my body.  I have gained muscle but lost size and have toned.  My energy levels are higher and I feel great.  The girls are all very supportive of one another and you are never out of place.  Come and enjoy I promise you won't regret it.

- Sammi Willson

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