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By: Vasoft Usa  11-11-2011

With the Tamaya communications platform it is possible to have home agents working from anywhere in the world, who are all part of your team. You can also allocate login’s to clients and third party providers, while managing what information they have access to. In this way you can include them in your call flow as well as pass calls to them based on “ specific routings” like “sale closing” or “QA assessments” and because you are all on the same platform information and transaction flow is seamless and immediate.

Tamaya communication platform is enabled with an IVR application, real time call management, real time agent management, broadcast messaging and individual chats.

The Tamaya SaaS phone requires all numbers to be dialed to exist in a lead set or customer record, always demands an outcome and complies with business rules defined by you. Decrementing of Call counts, rescheduled calls and priority call flows are configurable.

Voice reording retirval and playbackand is also a function of the SaaS phone.

For more details, get to know us today and you be the judge..Tamaya is the solution for you

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Our hosted platform offers you a turnkey solution that will enable you to be fully operational in hours, with little or no Capex, just pure imagination and innovation.With Tamaya you can develop the application to meet your business requirements, not the other way around.


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The Tamaya communications platform has embraced all that cloud computing has to offer, from virtual PBX’s, and Software as a service “SaaS”. Cloud computing, Saas, Virtual solutions and of course Hosted platforms are all technological buzzwords of today.