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By: Zenith IT (Pty) Ltd  08-02-2010
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Clarion VoIP

Zenith IT's premium voice offering and and is a real world alternative to Telkom, we have put endless hours into making sure that we can offer carrier grade quality voice over the data network.


Short for Voice over Internet Protocol Computer language for transmitting the human voice in digital form over the Internet or other IP networks as an audio stream, instead of using traditional telephone lines... This allows for cheaper and even free calls


How Clarion VoIP works


Whether you're using Clarion VoIP for your home office or your multinational branches, you'll find it to be a lot cheaper than your normal landline telephone cost, be it local, long distance, mobile, or international calls. This is made possible by aggregating your calls with other businesses using the service and buying them in bulk for large discounts from the various Networks. Because companies or branches that use the VoIP Network are all interlinked, they are able to call each other for free.


We have wholesale agreements with ECN, Internet Solutions, VOX, Broadband Innovations, iBurst & Telkom

Automatic failover between the networks (redundancy)

We can change traffic to most cost effective destination at any time

No subscription fees

1 month trial period

Retail pricing kept consistently in line with industry changes

Number Portability

Port your existing Telkom numbers and…

No need for costly Telkom lines (save line rental charge from Telkom)

Keep your number for life (even if you move offices)

Installation And Maintenance

Over 90 trained & qualified technicians in SA

Over 2500 Installed customer base

Make use of Nagios network monitoring software to proactively detect faults

Staff compliment with over 10 years Telecoms experience

Online fault logging & reporting

Centralized Service Center

Per Minute Call Rates And Savings

Local                                                             32c

National                                                         54c

Cellphone                                                      R 1.13

Average Mobile Savings VS Telkom                  30%

Actual Savings VS Premicell                            12%

Overall Savings VS Supremecall                        10%

Keywords: VoIP