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By: Visionar  11-11-2011

Your Concerns
Budgets and estimates
Meeting deadlines

Budgets and estimates - Drawing parameters and outlining a budget is the first thing we do. If your project requires additional charges along the way, we will let you know beforehand so there are no nasty surprises. When it comes to budgets, its always best to be upfront and let us know if you have any concerns.

Confidentiality - We are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements to protect your interests. If confidentiality is a concern, tell us and we will not discuss projects with anyone outside of Visionar who is not in charge of design and implementation work.

Meeting deadlines - If you have a deadline, let us know. If at anytime you feel your deadline needs to be brought forward or if you can't deliver content to us on time, inform us and we'll always try our best to accommodate you.

Our Concerns
Do you have an objective?
Do you have the time?
Will you trust us with design?

Do you have an objective? - This may seem like a strange concern, but it comes up quite often. Do you have an end goal? For example if you need a website, why? An objective has to be specific or it's not measurable. We don't start working on any project without a clear objective. If you need help setting a clear objective, talk to us.

Do you have time for your project? - If you don't have time for the project you commissioned us to take on, it will be extremely difficult to carry out our job efficiently. You know your business better than us, we will need your time to transfer the knowledge you have on your business to us, we will need content and time from you to approve each stage of our design and implementation process. If you give us your time commitment for the duration of the project, you will be left with a successful project.

Will you trust us to handle all things design? - When you commission experienced designers, give them a lot of freedom and trust - you'll end up working with passionate people who will go all out of their way to give you the best possible outcome.  A good designer will always be working towards your objectives, think about your end goal not about the little things that make up a design, only interfere in the process if you feel your end goal isn't being met. 

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Services Overview, Design, Web and Online

A brand is formed by everything your business does, from customer service to the products you sell — a logo helps people remember your brand. An example of icon design is Nike's swoosh or McDonald's golden arches. Our logo design service includes icon and logo type design. The secret is having a strong corporate identity.


Visionar - Pricing

At times you may feel you shouldn't tell us what your budget is and see what we can come up with or we may inflate prices, the reality is, with a budget in mind, we can devise a realistic solution to fit that budget. Here are a few ways we quote for jobs, if you’d rather be quoted in a different way let us know, it’s all about setting rules you’re comfortable with before a project starts.