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By: Visionar  11-11-2011
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Setting rules before the project begins

Here are a few ways we quote for jobs, if you’d rather be quoted in a different way let us know, it’s all about setting rules you’re comfortable with before a project starts.

Per project quotes
Estimating a ceiling price

We quote by spec and estimate a ceiling price. If a job is close to going over the ceiling price you will know, sooner rather than later.

By far the most effective method is telling us what your budget is. This allows us to plan what we can do for you. We'll set out objectives that allow you to gauge what you can achieve for your investment.  At times you may feel you shouldn't tell us what your budget is and see what we can come up with or we may inflate prices, the reality is, with a budget in mind, we can devise a realistic solution to fit that budget.

Per module
Pricing per element required

When it comes to web-development, sometimes we prefer to quote per the elements required. For example, developing a website photo gallery is very different to a simple text web page.

With websites being as dynamic as they are today, a per page cost doesn't always work. Thinking of writing a blog? Do you want to be charged each time you make a post? I don't think so. Instead we'll charge for creating the blog module, and you can create as many posts as you like at no extra cost.

In need of constant attention?

You may need access to a designer on an ongoing basis.You may want us to maintain and update your website as an ongoing service. Why not pay us a monthly retainer instead?

When you are ready for a project, we use the funds accumulated from your retainer. Clients on retainer are charged a discounted project rate. Retainers are particularly effective for small businesses with a tight budget, set up an automatic payment and think of it as your branding fund that you can use throughout the year. This eliminates budgeting surprises and guarantees control over expenditures.

Keywords: Small Businesses

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Services Overview, Design, Web and Online

A brand is formed by everything your business does, from customer service to the products you sell — a logo helps people remember your brand. An example of icon design is Nike's swoosh or McDonald's golden arches. Our logo design service includes icon and logo type design. The secret is having a strong corporate identity.


Visionar - Working with us

You know your business better than us, we will need your time to transfer the knowledge you have on your business to us, we will need content and time from you to approve each stage of our design and implementation process. A good designer will always be working towards your objectives, think about your end goal not about the little things that make up a design, only interfere in the process if you feel your end goal isn't being met.