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By: Visionar  11-11-2011
Keywords: Graphic Design, Website Design, logo design

  • Logo Design

    A brand is formed by everything your business does, from customer service to the products you sell — a logo helps people remember your brand.

    Our logo design service includes icon and logo type design. An example of icon design is Nike's swoosh or McDonald's golden arches. A logotype, incorporates your company brand name into a uniquely styled font treatment (e.g the stylised type in FedEx, CNN and IBM). Some companies need a combination of icons and logotype e.g Reebok, Pringles and Starbucks.

  • Website Design & Makeovers

    Too often companies use a design firm for their branding and a web company for their website resulting in a fragmented marketing effort. We offer a full web design service with website programming.

    This means you benefit from the best of both worlds:
    1. Designers who keep your brand consistent online and make sure your marketing goals are met .
    2. Programmers who use the latest technology making it easy for you to update.

  • Corporate Identity Systems

    Ever wonder why everyone seems to have heard of your competitor and not you? The secret is having a strong corporate identity. A strong corporate identity is a flag for everyone in your company to march behind.

    Every successful company or business has been one that maintains a unique and solid corporate identity. This is more than just a logo, but an entire corporate look for your business.

  • Annual Reports

    The importance of graphic design in an annual report is often overlooked. Your report is a paper representation of your business, and it highlights your success, growth, expansions, changes and outlook.

    It is with this document that you will sell shareholders on ideas for expansion and new endeavours, and it is here that you will show them exactly what their funds are being used for. This means finding the most appealing and eye-catching design as well as the most innovative way to make the numbers reflect highly in your favour.

  • Illustration

    Graphic illustrations have become common place in graphic and web design. They can add a unique branding element into an otherwise bland world of templates and corporate logos.Publishing a book for kids? You would never think of doing a children's book without any illustration. Children are sensitive to pictures even before they can speak. We can help, why not come speak to us?
  • Collateral Design

    Collateral includes brochures, pamphlets, postcards, fliers, direct mail pieces, exhibition displays, folders and other communication pieces used to promote your product or services.

    We ensure that all collateral we produce is in tune with your brand and objectives. The emphasis will always be on your end goal.

  • Desktop Publishing

    Not to be confused with design, through desktop publishing, we roll out your documents with all the relevant copy, typeset all the pages of a brochure, annual report or book and get things ready to send off to the printers for mass productionThe desktop publishing process will bring all documents from the design phase to a final print ready perfect product.
  • Interface Design

    A good user interface can spell the difference between the acceptance of your product, software or website, and it's failure in the market place.We invest considerable effort in making any form of interactivity as intuitive and foolproof as possible. If a user needs to make an incredible amount of effort or often consult a manual, that's a pretty good indication the user interface needs a redesign.
  • Rebranding

    It's a common myth that a brand remains the same for life. As your company evolves, so does your brand. Quite often clients tell us they can’t change their logo as it's been their image for 10 years. Has your company itself remained the same for 10 years?

    Your brand should reflect who you are/would like to be today. If you’ve had the misfortune of being represented by an ineffective, unprofessional brand, talk to us about our rebranding program. A good brand will give you an instant advantage over the competition.

  • Keywords: Annual Reports, Corporate Identity, Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design, logo design, Website Design

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    Visionar - Pricing

    At times you may feel you shouldn't tell us what your budget is and see what we can come up with or we may inflate prices, the reality is, with a budget in mind, we can devise a realistic solution to fit that budget. Here are a few ways we quote for jobs, if you’d rather be quoted in a different way let us know, it’s all about setting rules you’re comfortable with before a project starts.


    Visionar - Working with us

    You know your business better than us, we will need your time to transfer the knowledge you have on your business to us, we will need content and time from you to approve each stage of our design and implementation process. A good designer will always be working towards your objectives, think about your end goal not about the little things that make up a design, only interfere in the process if you feel your end goal isn't being met.